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More Doctor Appointments and Tests

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We have an appointment tomorrow morning for hubby's prostate biopsy. We are both nervous, him more than me, after all, it is HIS body that will be violated. He hates going to the doctor, hates it with a passion. When I say "WE" have an appointment, that is because we are in this together. He goes to the doctor with me and I go with him. Doctor's offices can be scary places and if I can be any support to him, I will be there.

I'm a big fan of all the doctor shows on TV. I remember watching one where the action was in the Emergency Room (might have been ER, or Grey's Anatomy), and one of the older doctors told the younger doctor referring to the people they were seeing, "They come in here on the worst day of their lives, and you try to make it better." I have been to the ER a few times and they weren't necessarily the WORST days of my life, but I will say I have had better days, and it's nice when the personnel there help you feel better. Thank God for doctors and nurses taking care of all of us. We hate them, they scare us, and we love them. It's complicated!

I've been struggling with too much snacking once again. I bought some 100-calorie snacks and it's too easy to have one since they're in my kitchen. And then I have another one. And a little while later, yet another one. I think the secret to limiting my snacking is to QUIT buying those 100-calorie snacks. I'm going to stick with apples, oranges, grapes and bananas. I don't really snack on bananas though. I have one every morning with breakfast.

Now the scale shows my excess snacking, and once again, I have to get STRONG and SELF-DISCIPLINED and get the numbers to come back down where I feel safer. I'm still below my goal weight of 160, but getting way too close to that magic number for comfort. I'm really looking forward to my two-year maintenance anniversary, coming up on April 15, 2013, and there is NO WAY I'm going to let myself miss that important day by going over my goal weight. The Woman's World Magazine will be on the stands a week from Thursday (2/21), and that is good incentive to drop some of the weight I have gained. It's amazing how FAST I can gain...I went from 153.4, the number I'd been hitting for several weeks pretty consistently, to 156.4 in about two days. TWO DAYS of too much snacking. I never let myself binge, or eat everything I wanted during that time. So that is even more scary, when I think of how BAD the weight gain could be if I hadn't practiced some restraint!!

Before we went to New York in November for the Today Show I got down to 149.8, and then again after the New Year, I saw that number on the scale again, and felt really good that I didn't gain over Christmas. But today, weighing seven pounds over that 149.8, I'm feeling fat, out of control and mad at myself.

It is supposed to be in the mid-40's here today, so I see a walk in my future. I correspond via e-mail with a cousin of my husbands. Her name is Zola and she's in her 80's and is a little tiny lady, but so vibrant and active and leading a wonderfully full life, which is my goal. She walks a mile, TWICE every single day. All winter she walks--and she lives in Iowa--where it gets just as cold as Nebraska does. She is a good role model, because I know she didn't get to be healthy in her 80's, without some work. She is careful about what she eats and she gets out there and moves her body every single day. When I grow up, I want to be Zola!!!
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    I hear you about wanting to get back to that magic number that you saw on the scales a couple of times .. my goal weight is 145 and I usually hang in around 142.6 most days but occasionally hit low to mid 141 and it is amazing the difference that the one silly little pound makes .. and how huge a difference the couple of pounds to 143-144 makes .. I am with you and I know that you can do it and feel fabulous again !
    1835 days ago
    Those 100 cal packs are a tease! I've found that I'm better off without them! Good luck getting your snacking under control.
    1836 days ago
    I'm sending hugs and prayers to you and your husband. I know how scary a visit to the doctor can be, but not going can sometimes be even scarier. I hope everything goes well today. Also, I know you'll be successful in getting those few pounds right back off because you already know how to do it.

    emoticon emoticon
    1836 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    I think it is a good idea to cut out the "100-calorie" snacks, for the simple reason that you cannot eat only one bag. Yes to eating fruit -- can you remember even one day of your life when you BINGED on fruit? Five fruit would be a massive event -- and you're supposed to have 5-10 fruit and veggie servings a day. And think of the difference in the nutritional value of those fruit and veggies compared to pretzels, etc. No comparison! Here's to your health!
    1837 days ago
    Don't beat yourself up too much. you are going through a stressful time. Just like you said eliminate the snack so you won't have them in the house that will help. Praying for you and your husband.


    1837 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Walk, walk, walk! It will help you deal with the stress you're under, too!

    I cannot buy snack packs, cookies, candy, etc. My husband will inhale them. He has requested (finally!) that we just not have them in the house. Makes it a whole lot easier for me. Don't panic too much about your weight gain. Watch your salt intake and drink your water, along with getting back into your normal routine. You're okay.
    1837 days ago
    I hope all goes well. And it'll be easier for you to get back on track once things settle down....boy, do I know what a wrench stress can throw into this process! Thank God for exercise!
    1837 days ago
    Thoughts and prayers Your way!! I know what You mean about the snack packs! Sure 1 pack has 100 calories, but do We stop at one NO!! I know You can do this and be a healthier YOU!!! (((((HUGS))))
    1837 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Hope the Dr visits are all going well and also hope you do get outside for some fresh air. I quickly figured out that those small 100 calorie packs do not work for me since I can never stop at just one.
    1837 days ago
    Good luck at the doctor!
    1837 days ago
  • MARTY728
    Hoping all goes well!
    1837 days ago
    It's a constant struggle to maintain. Partly it must be metabolism, whatever they say. My husband eats anything he wants and doesn't gain, but I can put on the pounds quickly. I get way more exercise than my hubby, too.

    My roll model is my Dad. He is 99 years old, and just slowing down in the last couple of years. We're all hoping he can make it to 100. His secrets? Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and moderate amounts of anything else. Exercise 5 days a week. Stay strong through weight lifting. Stay busy. Keep a cheerful attitude. He's in a VA home, and they love him there. He's always grateful, and he loves to say, "I feel pretty good today."
    1837 days ago
    You know what? When I grow up I want to be YOU.!!! You are so mindful of yourself. I admire your strength and your conscious efforts to maintain your weight. It must be soooo difficult to practice being on track nearly every day. It scares me, but, being obese and unhealthy scares me more. I have so much faith in you and I know you will take the steps you need to get back to a weight you are comfortable with. Go Go Pam!!!! On hubbys side of things. Stress eating is just the worst. We choose the wrong foods most of the time and tell ourselves we are much too stressed to think about ourselves right now. Your darling hubby wants you to keep thinking about Pam right now too. This may take a while to right itself. There may be surgery in the future or lots of appointments. Please don't give in to this scenario too much as you need to be on your best game for hubby right now. Good thoughts and lots of prayer for hubby as he has his biopsy. We are with you. Hang in there, my friend.

    1837 days ago
    emoticon I will be Praying for an Uneventful Visit to the Doctor for you and Your Hubby.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon I try to keep Fresh, Raw Veggies on hand for Snack Attacks and for munching when I work the Overnite Shift. They are Low Calorie, Filling, and you get Satisfied Pretty Quick.
    emoticon Definitely we all want to be like Zola when we "Grow Up"
    1837 days ago
    I hope you get good news at the doctor!!!
    I know what you mean about gaining even when "restraining".... I was just on vacation in FL last week, so was eating out a lot. I would get a big healthy salad for dinner, and then "indulge" in dessert....and ended up gaining 6 pounds in a week!!!:-( Imagine if I had eaten burgers or pizza with dessert instead of salad... I might have gained 12 pounds!!!! So frustrating though!!!!! Especially when you look around at how other people eat at restaurants!!!
    1837 days ago
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