WUB #4 - What I like about me! 10-6

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This challenge has got me to thinking really hard about what all I like about myself. It is similar to that question that your asked on a job interview, you know, "Tell me three things about yourself to why you are qualified for this company?" So I am going to start this down from 10 while I ponder on this some more.

10. I'm Diligent- I always have been. I never been the type to give up on anything.
9. I'm love to laugh...it takes a lot to depress me.
8. I'm Good Enough!
7. I'm Smart Enough!
6. Doggone it, people like me!

Sorry couldn't resist

Let me redo 8, 7,6

8. I'm Optimistic! - I look at the good in everything
7. I'm Active! Put me in the woods, on the river, in the gym, wherever and I am going to have fun.
6. I'm Adventurous! - I will try anything once...maybe twice!

To Be Continued........
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