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Don't count your chickens...

Monday, February 11, 2013

This morning for the first since October, I felt healthy enough to run to catch the bus to school (about a block, usually I miss it by like 1/2 a block because I couldn't put on the hustle). No knee injury. No flu or sinus infection or bronchitis from hell. I even chatted to my friends about how happy I was that I could finally try running again...

Haha, foolish me. While walking home from the grocery store tonight I slipped on a grate and fell. It was weird, my shoe hit the grate and stuck so my knee locked up and i took a face plant onto the busy sidewalks of DC. There was, of course, an audience. There is now a large lump protruding out of my left knee a little bit more than an inch in diameter. It's hard, not squishy. I can't really put any weight on it right now. I'm not sure how I made it the rest of the way home, honestly! Sigh. I hope it goes away over night by icing it and that I won't need to go to the student health center tomorrow. Either way, I don't think I'll be able to do anything on it for at least week, judging by the current pain and experience in being a professional klutz.
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