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Difficult first bike adventure & active weekend

Monday, February 11, 2013

So, Friday night was a birthday dinner for a friend of mine. The restaurant is 8 miles away, so it would be 16 all together. Lee suggested we bike ride there. I found out later he was only half serious, but I said, okay. This was my first long bike ride, on real roads. especially on this, my first road bike, which I've yet to feel as comfortable on as I did on my cruiser.

We started riding there at 6. I was wearing my lycra workout shorts to help try to avoid some of the pain my seat had caused me on our 8 mile TOTAL bike ride the weekend before. In my backpack I had packed some regular clothes.

On the way there I started feeling like bike was occasionally losing its grip on the chain when I was going really fast. It turns out that this is called "spinning out" and its because I at the time was only able to use lower gears and was just spinning to fast for it to keep up with. It was fine, but it made me feel kind of anxious when it happened, like I was sort of free falling.
We stopped a few times to look at this, but decided it was acceptable and kept going.

On the way to the restaurant what was scary was being in traffic, and trying to keep up with Lee. Going fast makes each crack or raised area in the road feel jarring to me, on my skinny tires.

The dinner itself was really great. It was at one of the Japanese restaurants where they cook the food in front of you with great flare. It was actually pretty delicious and a lot of fun! People gave me some looks but it was alright by me.

Afterward I felt resolved and brave and turned down a couple offers to get a ride back.

HOWEVER, a think I HADN'T realized is the road we were taking had no street lights, and it was dark now. There were far less cars, but it was so dark. On top of THAT it was REALLY WINDY!!! On a bike this means you are fighting to stay going the direction you want.

So, luckily I was just going straight so I just kept peddling, watching Lee's red light in front of me, and did my best to not let the wind influence my heading, especially since I was trying to stay in a bike lane. Like I said, there were few cars so that part wasn't a big issue, but it felt very stressful to me.

When we got home my eyes were beet red from getting dirt in them and not being able to do anything about it, and I felt like I'd been through something traumatic.

Soon enough, I felt calmed down, and (eventually) kind of proud of having done it.

Lee told me how proud he was of me for getting through a much tougher ride than we had intended. Honestly, the distance part was the far lowest thing on my list of difficulties that night. I am looking forward to some day doing a bike ride that just has to deal with distance and not with Car stress, road condition stress, bike stress, wind stress, darkness.

Oh, and Saturday we went to the community run bike cooperative and my seat was adjusted a little bit: moved forward a bit and down a bit. After the ordeal of Friday night I didnt feel much like testing it out, but just from the short ride home I feel optimistic that this adjustment could make 1) my crotch pain go away and 2) my comfort and feeling of being more control on the bike much better.


Sunday was a beautiful day and we went on a hike. It was lovely at the top and we enjoyed the view and talked.

Lee and I both want to start watching our diets, and getting more active. It makes me happy to know he's got an interest in this, too, because I think that will really help me to get my impulse snacking temptation minimized, and my ambition to work out increased.

Here's a picture of Lee and I at the top of the hill we hiked :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That is awesome that you stuck with it even when it got really, really tough. I also think it's fantastic that he wants to focus on nutrition and exercise right along with you. One of the things I love most about B is that even though he's not really an outdoorsy type, he does love to go hiking with me and when it's warm enough, he's willing to go every single weekend. I think I've even got him interested in biking too! Hopefully the adjustments to your seat will help make it a more comfortable ride!
    1866 days ago
    Biking is such an adventure, especially when you have someone with you who has experience.... it takes much of the fear out of it, you know? I'm so glad that you have someone that you enjoy spending time with who also encourages your own goals in life. You seem very happy, which is great. This bike trip was a huge feat, biking at night with traffic is a very stressful thing, but you accomplished it-- it only gets easier from here as you get more comfy with your bike.

    Get yourself some lights and some thicker tires, and it sounds like you will have a bike that is unstoppable!

    (Super glad your seat got adjusted, too-- I hope this helps the nethers!)

    1866 days ago
    Great picture! Love seeing you so happy with Lee!
    1866 days ago
    OMG, girl! I have been in a similar situation like that, where you can't believe you made it out alive! LOL (Roller blading in a rain/wind storm... yikes!)

    You two look super happy! Lee is actually smiling the biggest smile I've ever seen him smile in this picture! You must make him sooo very happy!!!

    HAPPY for you! Happy LOVE week! emoticon
    1866 days ago
    great picture, you both look very happy. emoticon on the bike rides.
    1866 days ago
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