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50 lbs gone FOREVER!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

When I look down at the scale and instead of thinking "it's never going to happen"; I’m thinking "holy cow, it’s right there in front of me". And truth be told, I never in a million years expected to be looking down at the scale and be seeing a 50 pound loss.

I hit my 50 pounds and still can’t believe it. I was happy when I hit 20, elated when I hit 30, shocked when I hit 40 and thrilled when I hit 45. Now I’m just doing the happy dance ~ gangnam style.

I didn't lose 50 pounds over night; it has taken me 19 months of hard work. During this time I've hit some major setbacks but I never gave up. I have to admit there were days I didn't want to weigh in, didn't want to exercise, didn't want to weigh and measure, didn't want to participate in challenges, but I just kept going. If I gave up I would never be where I’m at today.

So here are 15 reasons why I love my Spark Journey:

BEFORE SP: High cholesterol
TODAY: Cholesterol is at a normal level (without medication)

BEFORE SP: Blood pressure was elevated
TODAY: Blood pressure is normal

BEFORE SP: Visited chiropractor at least twice a month
TODAY: Visit once a quarter for a routine tune-up

BEFORE SP: Could not walk a mile without feet or hip pain
TODAY: I’m training to walk my first half-marathon in April

BEFORE SP: I would just say NO to lunges, squats, military push-ups and chair dips
TODAY: I say bring them on…the more the better

BEFORE SP: Was only comfortable doing gentle yoga
TODAY: Loving my power yoga!!

BEFORE SP: Would only run if being chased by a bear
TODAY: Working on interval running

BEFORE SP: Lost my inner athlete
TODAY: My inner athlete is back and stronger than ever

BEFORE SP: Size 14 pair of jeans
TODAY: Comfortably wearing size 8 and I’m gunning for size 6

BEFORE SP: Would avoid all mirrors
TODAY: I stop and check out my booty and legs in the mirror (just like my daughters do)

BEFORE SP: Didn't know what kale looked like
TODAY: Kale is a staple in my refrigerator

BEFORE SP: Low energy
TODAY: There are days I feel like the energizer bunny

BEFORE SP: Liked staying in my comfort zone
TODAY: Doing whatever I can to step out of it

BEFORE SP: 3 person support system (husband and 2 daughters)
TODAY: Over 300+ spark buddies! I could not ask for a better support system

BEFORE SP: Dreaded turning 50
TODAY: I embrace being 50!!!!!

So was 19 months of hard work worth it….ABSOLUTELY. Sure there are things I still need to work on and challenges ahead, however I have the tools and support I need to continue on my wonderful Spark Journey.

If I can do this. You can too!

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