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Pondering my diet...

Monday, February 11, 2013

I was sick again this weekend with tummy pains and traveling gas pains after eating. Moaning for hours on end. Now that I feel better, I am starting to notice things about my diet.

1 - I haven't been drinking water or any other liquids. Maybe 1 cup a day for 4 days.
Possibly this lead to my stomach distress.

2 - We had rice. I have noticed that whenever I eat rice that I don't feel well afterwards. I always assumed it was the foods we had with the rice.
So odd. Cream of Rice cereal is fine, but 1/2 cup of cooked rice isn't.

3 - When I eat beef I usually feel bad afterwards. We only eat organic grass fed beef, but it always feels too heavy unless I eat a very small portion, like 2 ounces.
Chicken is another food that needs to be a very small portion.

4 - I feel best when I have fish for a meal. I enjoy the mild flavor all by itself, usually with a veggie on the side for health, not because I want or need it.

5 - Potatoes with a protein meal bother me. Maybe that is the problem with the chicken and beef...we usually have potatoes.
If I want a potato, I will make a baked potato or a warm potato salad with veggies.

6 - I have never liked breakfast foods. I don't like eggs. I had poached eggs and a rice cake on Saturday and was in pain for 5 hours. Was it the rice cake or the eggs?
Don't like hard boiled or scrambled eggs either. Maybe I should just give up on eggs unless they are used in a recipe for binding ingredients together. Why do I eat foods I don't even like?

7 - I was trying to eat foods listed on the Blood type O food list and I react badly to many of them. Ugh, lots of wasted money on food. They take away foods that don't bother me and put in foods that upset my tummy.

I really don't like this. Why is it we can eat anything we want when we are younger with no problems. So I am going back to my idea of just keeping a food diary of my reactions to foods. I will also try to eat as simply as possible so I know what is affecting me. Maybe one food per mini-meal until I figure out what is ok.

Sort of like my horrible reactions to peanut butter sandwiches. I get acid reflux every time I have one for the years. But they are such a quick easy meal. I thought it was the white bread, but a chicken or meat sandwich never bothered me. So is it the bread or the peanut butter or is it the added fruit jam or the 3 combined that affects my digestion? So many variables in such a simple sandwich.

I read something that said to Not eat foods you Like the taste of, but to only eat foods that are nutritious for your body. I guess that is a play on "Eat to live, not live to eat."

Of course in the past, before experts were telling you what was best for your body, you wouldn't know the difference!
Do you think humans evolved by eating things that didn't taste good to them and skipping the foods that they found appetizing?
I realize this doesn't apply to processed foods that have been filled with sugar, salt and additives like MSG to make you crave them. I am just talking about whole foods. How did we get so far away from our natural instincts?

I hate feeling so obsessive over diet plans and food lists. I don't feel that is healthy for my mental health either!

My 5% challenge will be starting soon and I am still not sure what foods to eat that will help me lose weight and also keep my digestion feeling in tip top shape. Pondering my diet...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    There is my Suzie Q analyzing her weight loss motive. I loved the blog! It takes being open enough to discover why you are miserable and to accept that even though we give food so much praise for making us feel better emotionally we don't realize that we are allowing it to sabotage us as well! You look at all perspectives of it and challenge yourself to find a way that works for you! So proud of you for all you put into your journey! Don't be so hard on yourself but rather give yourself credit where credit is due! hugs!!!!
    1857 days ago
    Our relationship with food needs to change over time as our body has to adjust to our changing bodies, and you have done a great deal of work of what your body can tolerate, I know it's touch to get the calories and nutrients in when so much feels intolerable to eat anymore, but keep working at different combinations and filling in the blanks with new foods that you may have not thought of before. Good luck and keep us posted.
    I am learning a lot from your observations.
    1859 days ago
    You're really doing a lot of valuable thinking again about your diet. That's great that you're writing down all your thoughts.
    Hope you can figure out what's been causing your stomach distress.
    It looks to me like you're planning and paving your way to success this time!
    Best wishes!

    1859 days ago
    You may have a slight peanut allergy. Try a different nut butter and see if that helps! My husband has problems with eggs sometimes--the Live Strong article makes sense!
    1859 days ago
    Well, I think you are very good about wondering why you don't feel good. I am an overweight under eater! I don't like eggs either. I get what I call an "egg stomach" I just hope you continue to keep trying. I don't like a lot of foods but I guess I have to eat varieties of food. I think we both can eventually get to our goal. emoticon
    1859 days ago
    PS - I found this on about eggs. Explains my problem!
    Egg intolerance is the result of a defect in your digestive system, not of an allergic reaction to eggs. During digestion, your small intestine produces certain enzymes used to break down the proteins in eggs. If you lack the appropriate enzymes to break down these proteins, you can develop nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating, diarrhea and cramping. Most egg intolerance does not affect any part of your body aside from your digestive system.
    1859 days ago
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