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A-Z All about me...continued part 2 K-Z

Monday, February 11, 2013

Yikes...Am I the only sparkster that has to put an A-Z in two parts. Maybe.

Good thing I'm a fast typer! emoticon I had to go back and edit my 2/9 blog because of Spark's rules on reposting other people's posts. Someone brought it to the coaches attention and I appreciate the chance to rework it instead of them just deleting it. I certainly understand that by putting names, places, etc. it opens them up to liability. But what I shared IS very valuable..and it's not done with malice it's done with love emoticon in true sparky style to protect my friends precious children. Nuff said..and thank you Sparkpeople!

K- Kids and names: My daughter Brandy from my first marriage and my Josh who although he isn't with me in a physcial sense is STILL VERY much WITH me.

L- Life is incomplete without: My Don Pablo coffee freshly ground in the a.m. I enjoy my java in the a.m. and that's it for the day.

M- Music Group or singer: I'm a die hard Abba fan. I also like Coldplay, John Mayer, and lots of Josh's groups. It's funny when he was with us and wanted us to hear one of his groups we'd always poo poo the idea...now it's all we listen to...when your kids want to share...share...you may not get the chance tomorrow.

N- Number of siblings: none...it's just me against the world...with the help of my DH and my amazing friends who are perfect 'stand in' sistas!

O- Oranges or Apples: BOTH and sometimes together in a smoothie!

P- Phobias/Fears: I HATE being alone in the dark. Thank my brilliant 'off the charts' IQ mother. She was ALWAYS thinking ahead! We used to walk to the bookmobile and then walk back to a totally DARK house through totally DARK streets. My dad was ALWAYS working so we'd walk into an empty house. My mom would NEVER be able to find her key and would fiddle in her purse for what felt like HOURS on our front porch. She'd station me at the bottom of the porch stairs telling me "Now Roberta, if someone is in the house and hits me over the head when I go in...you go RUN for help!" My poor little 6 year old heart would pound out of my chest with fear! Okay...I know she was thinking ahead and maybe she was a little paranoid...and heaven knows she'd squeeze a nickel until the Indian rode the horse on the other side...BUT wouldn't you THINK she'd leave a light on? AND wouldn't you think she's have the flippin' key in her pocket instead of 5 inches down buried in her purse?

Point taken: Brilliance does NOT give you common sense...right beloved momma Beulah Pearl? You scarred me for life being alone in the dark...OR walking into any dark empty place. it's truly a big fat fear of mine! emoticon By the way...I ALWAYS leave a light on!

Q- Favorite quote: "Only SHE who attempts the ABSURD can achieve the impossible!" C. Moses This is pretty much the story of my life on the 'save our home' fight.

R- Reason to smile: Waking up each day and anticipating the people I may be able to touch by sharing an open heart and a willing spirit for good.

S- I really really love the colors of FALL...don't see them much here in sunny FL. I miss our little cabin in the N. Carolina mountains...miss it indeed!

Here we are in days of pure bliss. (The Josh man and I in his gangly pre-teen days) We had no t.v. up there...cabin rules...so just enjoyed hikes, and county fairs, and exploring and sitting on the big wrap around porch rocking for hours in our rocking chairs... writing, crafting and enjoying pure family time. THE BEST memories of my entire life!

T- Tattoos...none but I'm seriously thinking of getting a small memorial tattoo of my son Josh. I'd like it to be a portrait tattoo so I can gaze upon his beautiful face anytime I want to. The problem is...who do you get as an artist that can capture his essence...it would be AWFUL to have something so permanent that isn't absolutely HIM...so I linger and ponder.

U- Unknown fact about me: Now...that's a toughie since I'm probably one of the MOST transparent sparkies you know. Which leads me to another fav quote: "The truth shall set you free!" It used to be ABSOLUTELY important to me to wear my 'game face' and SO important what people thought of my position and carriage in life. I guess when you lose a child...that ALL changes. Now I care less about what 'people' think...and more about what I think! Gets me in trouble more frequently..but I am what I yam! emoticon

V- Veggie you love. I'm a nut for turnips. I eat the tops and all. Coat them with a little garlic olive oil, sprinkle a little Ms. Dash or 'Slap yo Momma' seasoning on them wrap them in tin foil and bake. Yum...O! emoticon Greens wash well, cut into 1" pieces sauté with a little olive oil and garlic, lots of chopped onions, throw a little pomegranate balsamic over them...once again...YUM~O! emoticon

W- Worst habit: I bite my fingernails...nervous energy! Not as much as I used to...but still it's an annoying habit. Josh bit his down to the quick...I always felt that he picked this up from me....sad face! emoticon

X Rays- I HATE going to the doctor...avoid it at ALL costs. Last x-ray was of teeth and yes...I HATE going to the dentist too!

Y- Your favorite food: It varies...but popcorn made the old fashioned way..my hubs is an ex-firefighter and he makes it the BEST way..with a big ole pot and the actual virgin popcorn..so it's always been one of my MOST fav foods...is it a food? I call it a food..sometimes it becomes a meal. Hummm maybe this should be under worst habits..eating an incomplete meal and substituting it for popcorn? emoticon

Z- Zodiac: I'm a bossy strappy Cappy...all opinion, but still open to other's input...and darn proud of it! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon Love your blog!

    Wendy emoticon
    1767 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    1768 days ago
  • DR1939
    Interesting blog.
    1768 days ago
    Good blog as usual Bobbie. You are such an upbeat person so i know there is hope for me again. I feel the same since losing my son and want to be around kind gentle souls. No putting up with the fake people anymore. Its too bad others have to be so rigid and turn your blog in. You have such a good attitude but i know it took you time on this journey to get there. It is coming on a yr since i lost Justin so i know it will take time. So glad we found each other here on Sparkpeople. emoticon emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Great getting to know you.
    1768 days ago
    Cappy's are my favorite sign! I'm your opposite! The BEST sign I get on with! Cary Grant was on 1-18, (he was a fan of mine! Cary encouraged me to start my own marionette business, after my families business closed! "You've got it, kid, now GO for it!") & my sweet almost daughter, Grand Niece, Hayley, too! It IS a popular day!

    You are SO special to me, now I KNOW why!

    *~L emoticon
    1768 days ago
    Most of us do A to Z's with a one word response ; ) But I don't believe in putting limitations on communication. Need clarification. What was the s? sunny? Focused on that one because I also have a vacation/retirement home in the mountains in NC. I just spent time there deciding if I liked Florida winters or NC winters better. I already know I prefer NC spring and fall. Summer is up for grabs, but the beaches here are winning that one!!

    Now, if I could move my house to the NC coast . . .
    1768 days ago
    You are just too much and I love it. emoticon
    I also do not like the dark. I always leave a light on somewhere too. I think it is a fear of the unknown.
    I wish I could type fast but I am a 2 finger hunt and peck. emoticon
    Have a wonderful day. emoticon
    1768 days ago
    People just love to report you to Spark. Must do wonders for your ego to know there are people out there whose day isn't complete without reporting you.
    Love your A to Z.

    1768 days ago
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