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New House Over the Way...

Monday, February 11, 2013

For the last few months I've been watching a house being built across the valley.

The ground was cleared and levelled, calculations made and checked on the drawings, then the stumps put in the ground. It was difficult at this stage to make out the finished look of the house.

The builders arrived at 6 am every day and worked through what was a heat wave here in the West, leaving at 4 pm. There were two men who like ants gathering food for winter, worked consistently alone and together for many days.

The base for the flooring went down and that day it poured with a storm of intense rain for three days. Then the site went quiet for a few weeks.

One fine morning the guys were back and worked with renewed fervour, hammering, sawing and nail guns could be heard thru the day. That night the wall frames were up and the structure of the house became apparent. Next day a top storey grew over the day with a weird looking post rising at one end.

The next day it changed to become a balcony on the second floor, many more days of banging ensued. Then the roofing iron was being dragged up to the top storey and screwed down. Each man knew his job and one worked up stairs and one down most of the time. On occasion they worked together to get each area completed. Today the sisalation went on the walls in preparation for the planks to follow that will cover the sides.

After building our own home some years ago and going through the process, I had all those emotions again; watching each part started, worked on and completed and then the next stage would follow. The sorrow of the rain, the elation of the structure rising up, the anticipation of completion and then the fit out.

It occurred to me today that it equates to the process we are all going through;

when we first commit to lose weight we examine all the opportunities open to us to reach our goal. We are the architects of our project. Having drawn on all that knowledge we gather a team of helpers to reach the goals we have set. Whether family, friends or Sparkpeople, we rely on them to turn up every day and check on us, to encourage, be straight with us and offer modifications that will help in our progress.
We take photos of the progress, we commiserate on the days 'rain' halts work, we stop for a while to allow what we have done to settle before we take off again, reaching for the new goal or getting back on track.

For some of us we have never been this way before and we are striving to reach a weight we had never been in our adult lives, but we knew that this was our time and even though we had the 'bones' of a plan the actual working of it was HARD, sweaty, and had lots of stops along the way.

The house has a completion date, probably with penalties if not met but we do not.

We plan but we don't really know how long it will take to reach our goal as we take each day as it comes. We hit pot holes and need to regroup, we moan and cry and push thru and celebrate and continue this 'new house' we have started.

My journey does not have an end yet, it is a daily walk into a new breaking of ground that I have not passed before, because this time I'm seeing the finish line where before it was only a dream and an excuse to fail.

It's an ongoing journey like the building of this house, one day it will stand alone being a part of it's surroundings and a monument to hard work. New people we meet may never know what it took to reach our goal and maintain it but it will show on our faces and the way we treat others with the same journey to make. emoticon

I do not know what the finished house will look like. But I do know it will need to be looked after and maintained much as I will when I reach 'completion' and move into 'maintanence' of my structure!!!

I like the idea of an unfinished structure to think on as it still has so many possibilites... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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