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Sunday 8 mile run

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I left off blogging with an account of Thursday's run on dry pavement. After a bit of time slacking off for various sore body parts, Thursday was a normal run.

As predicted, Friday it snowed. Running was not possible, but there was enough physical activity to be had shoveling the snow. Saturday morning there was more snow to remove; then it quit snowing.

Today is Sunday. This morning my thermometer reported a temperature of 3.5°F on my front porch. It would have been an opportunity for a new personal record coldest run, if I weren't going to church . . . nah. I'd have waited for it to warm up anyway.

When I got out to run about 2:15 pm, it was a balmy 32°F, which warmed to 34°F by the time I got back. Wind was from the ESE, maybe 10 mph. There was sunshine, at times hazy. The shoulders had been plowed, and were mostly clear; major stretches of shoulder were actually dry. You can't ask for better running conditions two days after a major snowstorm. (To be fair, I only got the edge of Nemo, 6 to 8 inches total.)

I had my planned route. I set out to do a long slow run. The first minute, RunKeeper reported 0.10 miles for a pace of 9 minutes and change. I've heard that before; there's an inaccuracy on start time that will even out later on. Still, I was going slow. It felt like I was plodding.

At 2 minutes, RunKeeper reported 0.33 miles and an average pace of 5 minutes and change. I don't think so. I don't know whether I can run a pace faster than a 6 minute mile for 2 minutes, but I'm certain I can't run that fast and feel like I'm plodding. The GPS got some bogus readings that added distance and messed up the calculations. That meant I couldn't trust the average pace, or the current split pace for the first mile.

The result of that was that I was trying to find a slow pace by feel. That doesn't work as well for me as having some measured feedback does. And I decided I'd map today's run on SparkPeople to count the mileage, because I couldn't trust what the app was reporting.

It's disgusting how dependent I've become on the fancy toys.

Still, I wasn't going to go back and start over. It was good weather, good footing, and daylight. I ran the planned route, and heard split paces for the 2nd and later miles a bit faster than I would have aimed for; but I was pretty much in a groove, and just kept running in that groove.

The pace chart and splits, per RunKeeper:

On the pace chart, the blue line is minutes per mile. Lower is faster. That apparently fast start was the bogus GPS readings inflating the distance. The same phenomenon went into the 1 miles split; I didn't really run the first mile that fast. The other miles are probably close to what I was really running.

Mapped the route when I got home. It came to 8.18 miles, compared to 8.20 that RunKeeper reported. The bogus addition was worth 0.06 miles between home and the 2 minute mark; RunKeeper underestimated mileage for the rest of the run.

I don't know whether this is because of the app, or a consequence of having a layer of clothing over the iPhone when I run, interfering with line of sight for GPS. I'll play with another app, and maybe try putting the iPhone on the outside, subject to the full cold of the weather, if I'm running at this temperature or warmer.

Did I mention how disgusting it is that I'm dependent on the toys?

As far as real results, 8.18 miles in 1:01:56 comes out to an average pace of 7:34 per mile. That's a bit faster than I'd like for a long slow run, but slower than a 4.6 mile run just to be running. It's about what I might expect from not having feedback I could trust for the first mile.

Body check: The sore hip appears to be 100%. The formerly sore inner thigh gave a couple of twinges about mile 2, then quieted down. During the walking cooldown, the thigh didn't hurt but did feel weak. Later, walking around hasn't bothered it. The bad foot began grumbling during the walking cooldown, and whined a bit about being barefoot to get a shower; but it's done worse. I'm hopeful that I held the run short enough to avoid creating worse problems. Even so, I expect I'll need to keep Tuesday's run short.

I am now convinced that poor footing, and particularly inconsistent footing, is a greater winter running hazard than cold temperatures. Today I paid attention to running gently, and to avoiding dramatic adjustments the few times I was forced onto snow or into a puddle. I probably won't make a pair of screw shoes, because I can't count on getting consistent snow pack to use them on. I could change my mind on this point if the weather indicates an extended period of snowy roads; but I'll deal with that if it happens.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like a good run - and at least the body parts were working better than the gadgets!! Consider that a win :-)
    1860 days ago
    Nothing more irritating to be fed lies by a machine. I have zero tolerance for that. Gadgets get ONE chance. If they screw up, they're gone, forever, no exceptions. They're just not worth it. On a more positive note it sounds like you had a great run.. 8+ miles, in the snow, at a 7:30 pace... Wow! Way to go! emoticon
    1860 days ago
    So glad I don't have toys. But then, I am not a runner at this point. I may get there but for now, I will be content to keep my current plan. Take care and have a great week.
    1861 days ago
    Good for you getting out there in the inclement weather! Darn those fancy toys! So frustrating.
    1861 days ago
    Good job, Kevin. Speaking of shoes? Your nephew Sgt. switched to barefoot runners while overseas due to them being better for packing in the small space he had for the purpose. Not for the hype reasons. BUT... now that he's home? His form issues have been resolved... he is going to have to change from the shoes that were for over-pronaters to normal runners!

    According to him, the reason it works is that wearing the barefoot runners, if you are striking improperly, it hurts. You correct so it doesn't and suddenly you're running as the body is designed to run. Hmmmm... theory, meet reality.
    1861 days ago
  • DALID414
    The fancy toys are an addiction themselves. The convenience of all the info they provide seems to be worth a few minor glitches.
    1861 days ago
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