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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hello Sparkers!

Hi, My name is Sallie and I'm the worst Sparker-Blogger ever! I've made a commitment to blog more and have vigorously failed - it's been like TWO WEEKS since my workouts favorites and life has been crazy, so let's do a quick update before my little GUILTY PLEASURES blog.....

So - in the last two weeks, I've finally BROKE 160! Well, I'm at 159.6! My all time low in this journey has been 158.8... that was about this time last year before I got the ovarian cyst that threw off my groove and caused me to gain about 10 pounds... I"m almost there! Woo hoo!

I also donated my hair - FINALLY! 16 inches of blond locks have been sent to Locks of Love. At first I really missed it.... I didn't cry, trust me, I'm NOT THAT into having long hair. But I do miss the feminity that is associated with long hair. I do not miss the constant struggle of taking care of it, and my shorter hair is more me. It has layers, feels healthier, and fuller. And I know that those 16" are going to children who would give anything to live normal healthy lives, and anything I can do to help them feel beautiful - well that's good in my book.

I also just got back from that work related Vegas trip. Now, when I thought "Vegas Work trip" I thought two things: 1. Brain Frying and 2. Lights, Casinos, and Vegas.... well the Brain Frying was true.... my brain feels so full of new information that can make me better at my job, and that's going to be a work in progress, but as for the Las Vegas strip, having time to see anything besides work stuff - well that just wasn't in the cards. The casino we stayed at was interesting - smokey, gross food, and off the beaten path from the strip. It was in the middle of the desert, in the outskirts of Las Vegas. I guess I can't be upset, the trip didn't really cost me a dime (except for the coffee and/or ice cream treats we partook in) and I learned a lot, so I guess it was a work trip well done.

So - getting back into the groove of health and wellness has been interesting, and getting back into that has made me realize what are my GUILTY PLEASURES. Both in fitness and in life... (pretty good segue' right?) So... that being said.... let's recap:

1. On the food guilty pleasure list is:

- Those 150 cal ice cream pints of deliciousness. I think Edy's is the brand? I'm not sure, and even Dreyers makes them at 170-190 cals per package - well they are just the cutest little treats ever! And, you don't have to worry about over indulging (since I am usually the first to do that with my food) and they are just so tasty.

- Peanut Butter. This week, I had to ask the husband to HIDE the peanut butter in the house. I don't know what it is about it, but as far as the 2 TBSP serving size, yeah I can easily triple or quadruple that and then you're looking at 700 cals in peanut butter.... no bueno.

- The new RICH CHOCOLATE Gold Standard Whey protein powder my husband got. They literally taste like a milkshake, and that with non-fat milk, they are only about 200 calories per serving and if you are a chocolateer like me - amazing.

- pretty much anything BERRY. We have been buying blueberries frozen to put in our oatmeal in the mornings, and I friggin' LOVE them. You can do just about anything with berries... and they are like little treats.

- Avocado. In my opinion, avocado can do no wrong. 50 grams of Avocado on a spinach salad with some fresh tuna and a vinaigrette - yeah that was my lunch today. YUM!

2. Workout Guilty Pleasures -

- As like most of my blogs is always my women empowering musicy types. Your Beyonce's Madonna's P!nk's (thanks ladies for recommending) and anything that makes you feel like you can do whatever the HECK you want - I love it.

- I've been looking into actually getting a brand-name type water resistant sweatswirt to go outside - I'm thinking Under Amour might be the route to go - but let me know what you guys are working out in when your workouts are outside since we are still in Winter when I'm wishing it was Spring!

3. Mental Guilty Pleasures

- TV - TV has been my buddy this winter. We have Netflix and with Hulu (no cable) I am able to watch TV all the time. Currently, I've been watching: Modern Family, Guys with Kids (love that show by the way) The Vampire Diaries, The Following, The Biggest Loser, and just whatever tickles my fancy.... I cannot wait until the summertime shows - well TRUE BLOOD. But right now, I've been indulging in way too much TV lately.

- Books - I usually alternate educational books with enjoyment books.... well not lately. Pretty much whatever is on the Amazon Kindle Free list, and looks interesting, I get. And that usually isn't something that educational. I know I gotta snap outta it, but at least my brain is getting some type of enjoyment.

- And fashiony/girlie guilty pleasures - which let's face it, I don't consider myself all THAT girlie... but I have been loving the Sally Hansen Wallpaper for your nails things. I got an argyle one and a giraffe print sticker wallpapery thing and they are just soo cool... I can't get 10 days out of them weartime wise, but they are just so fun if you are looking to spice up your nails!

- And lastly - I thought I'd hate this - I was resistant - I didn't want to do it - But SKINNY JEANS or STRETCHY PANTS. I have been so against skinny jeans or those tight spandexy leggings women are wearing. I thought I'd look like an Egg with Legs or that I'd be all booty wearing them. But honestly, my sister and I went shopping and I got a bright pink pair and a maroon pair - both size 10 by the way - and I just love them as an easy, on the go with a pair of boots, pair of jeans. I also got a pair of grey stretchy capris from Old Navy and they are so cozy with a long t-shirt for the weekends (in fact, I'm wearing them right now!) and its very simple. I guess the days of bell bottoms and midrifts (like when I was in high school) are fading away.... and I guess lastly on the fashion front - I also found a fridge bikini on Ebay for a great price and I cant' wait to be healthy sexy to bust it out this summer!

Well - I tried to upload a bunch of photos off my phone to make this blog more interesting, but I guess the website is having issues... I will try to update it with pics once I figure out a way around that little fluff.

Happy Sunday Sparkers! What are your guilty pleasures?
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    The little ice creams are a guilty pleasure of mine, as well. I can't buy a carton of ice cream, because I will eat way too much of it at once. With the small cups, I KNOW how many calories I am getting because I don't have to measure anything.

    I also am addicted to my fruit smoothies with spinach tossed in. With the protein powder, they are almost 400 calories... but it's 3 servings of freggies, calcium, protein, and just tastes so decadent!

    Good luck with the bathing suit, and sorry you didn't get a chance to play on the Strip during your work trip.
    1862 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    Great list! I also love the girl power music!! And laughing cow cheese... yum!
    1862 days ago
    Great pleasures! Avocados and berries are definitely mine as well. And popcorn- I pop it myself on the stove, no butter- yum! And yogurt!
    1863 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1863 days ago
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