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Goals for the week and a birthday Cake

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Its Sunday, Feb 10 and I just came in from shovelling the off the deck, as my dad was using the snow blower to do the driveway. Which was fine with me that snow is heavy. I can hear the weather network, and they are talking about another storm coming. Just what we don't need. I hate winter, I really do, but I would not mind having the ability to make one snowman. And this snowfall just is not the right type of snow!

So my goals for the week, I for my first week back here at the spark, I was only kinda watching what I was eating and as a result I ate way over my calorie range (by more then a 1000 calories). So this week I am going to plan my meals even if it is only day by day, so I know how many calories I have to either have a snack, or if I am eating a really big meal so I know not to snack during the day. SO this week I am hoping to do a much better job of staying in my calorie range. I am not going to freak out if I am 200 calories over the range, but if I am over by 500, I think I will need to give my eating habits a really good looking over.

My mother's birthday is this week and I know that Dad was planning on having dinner out at on of the local restaurants, which has a great rep. I have never eaten there so I am kind of looking forward to it, but I as a cook I know some of the high calories that get added into your food in the kitchen, such as real cream in pasta sauces, instead of milk. I know that everything has salt and pepper which I am ok with. The meat is double what I need, and sometimes the veggies can be skimpy. So I need to search the spark and try and figure out how to deal with eating out and google the place and find the menu online, so I have plenty of time to figure out what I want. That way when I walk in the door the only surprise I have is what the feature meal is.

Also with Mom's birthday I was thinking of a cake to make her. I was thinking of turtle cake, heavy on the caramel, because mom is not the biggest fan of chocolate, I was thinking about this last week and I was thinking a double layer cake, but I know she is trying to be a bit healthier as well so, maybe just a single layer cake would be best. Any way the I have planned this cake is a double layer cake with caramel and chopped pecans holding the layers together, then topped off with a caramel flavoured icing and an 85% cocoa chocolate bar shaved down on top to help cut the sweetness. (Even though both mom and Dad are not fans of this form of chocolate, I think the cake will need this touch of bitterness). I have not figured out how I am going to make caramel flavoured icing yet, I did not see any caramel flavoring in the store, but I know I can make caramel and pour it into an icing. I will have to google and see what I can come up with. Heck the whole cake can still be changed I am still just in the planning stage of this.

So if I make this cake, I will really need to be-careful with my calories as this cake is going to pack a whole lot of calories!!!

Or I just had this though, mom used to make this cake when I was a kid, Its just a plain slab chocolate slab cake, then after its cooked you take a tooth pick and put tons of little holes in it and pour a bottle of good thick butterscotch over it and then top it with cool whip. I could easy add the pecans to the cake and chop some up to put on top of the cake. And if I make to small pans, it will not be as much for the three of us to eat!

Hmmm... choices, choices!!

I know this morning before I had breakfast, I planned out and tracked both my lunch and dinner. Today I did not leave room for having a snack as I know that I am having a big supper, a clubhouse sandwich, a bowl of soup and apple crisp with ice cream for dessert. I am having a light lunch, just a salad, because I know that my supper is going to be most of my calories for the day.

I know that researchers have proved that there is proof to the old statement," Eat like a King at breakfast, a Nobleman at lunch, and peasant at dinner". I just don't find that works for me as in this household, our main meal is dinner. As on days that I am working, its a running around morning as three people are all trying to get out the door. Lunch is not a meal I count on getting if I am at work, sure I can pick leftover fries out of the bowl and this week I am going to try and limit how many of those little deep fried fiends I eat.

Have a great day and thanks for reading, hopeful I didn't make you too hungry!

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MKMMARTY 2/11/2013 1:02AM

    I was going to suggest and angel food cake - but I see that has already been suggested. So I will endorse it.
Don't worry so much about the meal out - enjoy - just make sure you exercise and don't make it a week of indulgence and you will be fine. Life style changes not painstaking missing out of special moments.
You can keep the snow on the east coast - I like our early spring here on the west coast.

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DR1939 2/10/2013 8:27PM

    If your mother is trying to lighten up consider an angelfood cake with a carmel sauce. That should be much lighter. I don't know about Canada but the chain restaurants in the US usually have calorie counts posted. That might be a good place to look for a similar item. It works best to peruse the menu before you go. Usually even local places have a website. I live in a rural area and all the restaurants have menus posted, some even identify "light" items. I'm sure this is something you, as a cook, know, but most places will hold the sauce and cook things as you request. They will serve you extra veggies (you have to pay, but that's fair). Also ask for a doggie bag BEFORE you begin eating, cut your meal in half and pack it.

Enjoy the time with your parents.

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