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16 more tips for better sleep

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Another page from my doctor gives more tips. They call this sleep hygiene like getting into a routine for a better night's sleep much like you get into a routine for mouth/teeth and bathing routine. So here are my version of the 16 tips towards sleep hygiene.

1. Don't go to bed unless you are sleepy.
Find something relaxing to do instead. This will help your body and mind relax to make getting to sleep easier.

2. If you are not asleep after 20 minutes, get up, leave the room, and find something relaxing to do.

3. Begin rituals that help you relax each night before bedtime.
This could include a warm bath, light snack, some reading, browsing your favorite magazine.

4. Get up at the same time every morning.
This includes weekends and holidays, too.

5. Get a regular night's sleep as often as you can.
Hopefully this will be everyday.

6. Avoid taking naps if you can.
If you do need one, try to make it a power nap lasting 20-30 minutes, and never after 3PM.

7. Keep a regular schedule.
Try to stick to a schedule for meals, taking your meds, and chores.

8. Don't read, write, eat, watch TV, talk on the phone,, or play cards in bed.

9. Do not have any caffeine after dinner.

10. Do not have a beer, glass of wine, or any alcohol within 6 hours of your bedtime.

11. Do not have a cigarette or any form of nicotine before bedtime.

12. Do not go to bed hungry, but do not eat a large meal near bedtime either.

13. Avoid andy tough exercise within 6 hours of bedtime.
Exercise on a regular basis, but do it earlier in the day.

14. Avoid sleeping pills, or use them cautiously.

15. Try to get rid of or deal with things that make you worry.
Your bed is a place to rest, not worry.

16. Make your bedroom quiet, dark, and slightly cooler.
This should remind you of a cave.

I hope these will help you have a better night's sleep and more often. If you stop and think about them, most are common sense!

Be sure to enjoy your day and keep safe and warm from the clean up from the storm.

Peace Love Hope

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