eat more = lose weight ? huh lol

Saturday, February 09, 2013

I just keep going.. sometimes I do great.. sometimes I fall flat on my face.. but I just pick myself up and keep going along. I am so proud of where I am versus where I was this time last year and am looking forward to continuing and see where I am even a year from now. I was losing at a steady and rewarding pace going into the holidays. emoticon When I returned home and to my program I had little gain in weight. I was happy with that and thought I'd jump right back in to where I was. I worked out pretty good and ate ok. I tried to stay at the low end of my calorie range and consistently checked to make sure I had a caloric deficit. I should have had descent weight loss. I knew I shouldn't expect spectacular - I wasn't giving spectacular. But, with the "diet" (healthy eating) and exercise, I should still see the scale moving downward, even slowly. But it wasn't. For a month, it just was hung. emoticon

Then the really bad eating day hit! It started as just a splurge for breakfast. Yes, they were serving those amazing long johns with chocolate icing I just loved. "Ok, I'll give in and have one, but I'll make sure to be a good girl the rest of the day" I told myself. That was the plan at least. But, in the evening, I had last minute errands that had to be done. It was well past dinner and far from home when I gave in to my daughter's pleads for a burger lol. But, she begged for that awesome burger from the place known also for their shakes. I had not had a milk shake in months. I was willing to own it, track it, and deal with my choices for the day.. but I was still absolutely shocked when I saw the truth in the caloric numbers on my tracker. One meal was almost my whole calorie budget for the day. With the bad breakfast choice too I was over.. wayyyy over. emoticon

But, tomorrow is a brand new day is my motto. So I got up the next day and got right back on the program. I didn't go crazy or change anything from my usual. I continued on the program for several days before I got my "huh?" moment. I know I shouldn't but I do weigh myself daily (I only track when I'm sure I've lost 5 lbs as the scale sometimes can be tricky) lol. I began to see that the scale was moving downward again quickly. It's not huge numbers, but after being stuck for a month (two if you count over the holidays), to see myself definitely moving south again is big news for me. emoticon Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning to retry the calorie bomb theory any time soon lol... but it does have me still wondering if that's what kicked the plateau since everything else pretty much remained the same.
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    we can eat more calories but we have to eat less sugar. I recently watched a Funk Roberts, video blog on youtube. He lays out nutrition for fat loss. He does not tell what food to eat but rather what types. He is a MMA trainer and that might not be your thing, sometimes we can go outside the box just for helpful info. The video is a three part series and gets a little long winded. It address the tittle of your blog "eat = loss weight". on the youtube search put in "funk roberts, nutrition for fat loss". Hope it helps.
    1861 days ago
    My dietician told me that if we have too few calories your body will hold on to the fat. It's a careful balance-especially when you add exercise into the mix (because your muscels will burn more calories as you get fitter)
    1861 days ago
    There is a fitness blogger who has a very interesting take on this. I would try to summarize it here but instead I will link you to her site.
    1861 days ago
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