Down 2 lbs and week 1 photo update!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

In the middle of last week I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see 127.8! As of today I am still 127.8! Woop!

I think this is mainly due to the change in foods, and only slightly due to exercise. I have taken healthy eating to a whole new level (for me at least)! Prepping my meals, pre-planning what I will eat, limiting unhealthy choices. NO FAST FOOD. picking healthy choices in the restaurant. Veggies and protein at every meal. Increased water intake. Just everything! Even something small as changing to natural peanut butter.

I have been doing this one step at a time for about 2 months. If I tried to change all of these at once I think I wouldn't have succeeded. I just started with more veggies, then looking up new veggie recipes, to batch cooking veggies on Sunday for the week, then make Friday grocery trips to the local farmer's market, to writing down everything i eat and currently this past week I have been making a mini competition with myself to drink 8-10 cups of water per day. I have even encouraged the children at work to encourage me to do it! At the beginning of the week I drank 10 cups for 3 days. 8 cups for 2 and 5 cups for 2. The end of the week I started slipping so I need to continue working on this habit. (My mini plan.....drink 500ml when I take children to school in the AM, 500mls at lunch, 500mls when I pick children up from school, 500mls by dinner time and any extra water when i exercise!)

I do not calorie count. I find it takes too much time for me and i get frustrated if I do not get in the right ranges then I give up. Instead I pick healthy foods (protein and veggies) and eat as much of it as I want. So far so good.

I have made some slip ups. My current goal, which is VERY hard for me is to go 1 whole day without ANY nibble on chocolate. (YES ONLY 1 WHOLE DAY). Once I concure 1 whole day, then I will try for 2, then 3 etc. Once I go 1 whoel week without a nibble of chocolate I will buy myself a book from amazon! This is a hard goal. At work there are mini kit kats (my favorite) and I tend to go to the office for something, see it and eat it. I only eat one per day but I still eat it. I have told my co-workers to hide it from me for Tuesday so I do not eat it. Also yesterday and today I ate 1 whole chocoalte chip muffin from costco EEEK. Oh well. Over and done with. Was it worth it. NO. Will I do it again NO.

As for exercise. I did 1 Zumba class this week at the new studio, and 2 strength training workouts from Nerdfitness rebel strength guide. That to me is a success. Next week I will do 2 Zumbas and 3 strength training! I forgot to mention I do eat more on the strength training days. i have a protein shake after my strength training workouts to help repair my muscles.

Today after my workout I found a way to take photos with my computer so I took a BUNCH of poses! Notice the big smile on my face!!!

I can just feel the muscles WOOP!

Time to get ready for some dinner and watching the hockey game with Bryan! Have a great weekend!
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    A picture is worth a thousand words! It's working for you! Love the muscle definition!
    1836 days ago
    you look great! I find that when I try to go without something chocolate...I just end up rummaging through the kitchen for something "healthy" to substitute and end up eating the calories equal to that 1 piece of chocolate....just a thought...chocolate is so important LOL ..Sounds like you're doing great! Small changes turn into bigger ones! woo hoo!
    1836 days ago
  • FARRAH511
    You look emoticon !


    1836 days ago
    Oh my goodness I LOVE IT! I love your treat for succeeding in your goal. :) I just got a KINDLE, so that would work GREAT for me. Now I just need to figure out what the goal will be. I know getting down to 155 (which is the high range of "normal" for my height).

    Isn't natural peanut butter yummy. I think I like it better than "regular".

    You look GREAT!
    1836 days ago
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