Funny thing... could sparkpeople have entered my inner psyche??

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

its really odd.. i have probably been struggling with some overeating behavior for about 6 months.. annoying, bothersome, feeling uncomfortable.. if i workout like a fiend i can balance it out. but i dont want to train that hard.. my body hurts!

soooo, i have tried things on my own... a biggest loser contest, eating crap instead of real food (so i get my sugar fix)-- thinking about going on some supplement drink plan.. and then my son said -- whats the site you used to use? we brought it up and i looked at it for the first time in a long time..

and all of a sudden for almost 2 days i have felt weirdly accountable.. all the things that this site helped me with have come rushing back... i have been tracking my food all along but now logging it in is somehow different, seeing my weight tracker is affirming, writing this blog helps-- all the things that were so helpful in losing 50 pounds with SP.. have kinda clicked with me again in the last 1-2 days.. not sure why i am surprised but i am... emoticon

i have always believed in this site.. just coming back to basics and feeling so comfortable really means its never left my psyche - ever!!
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