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Winter Storm.-BLIZZARD-Not really but beautiful to watch.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

We woke up to a complete white out and the wind was blowing very light snow like a sand storm in the desert.
I went for my camera to take pictures for a friend who likes snow pictures.
My camera battery needed changing and that always messes with the date. It refused to change the date so I left it off completely I wanted to get the day going, I knew I had a lot to get done.

This is our street around 9 am. Not unlike many storms in the past but this one actually had a name, I had no idea till I talked to a friend tonight.
So this apparently was NOMI-? it dumped 20 inches some place where they measure snow.
We had some bare ground. Very few roofs had snow on them it was such light fluffy flakes and it was cold so they blew like confetti in the wind, up-down-sideways even circles. We loved watching it.

There were drifts outside our front window, they were up to the glass and the front bay window I can walk under.The snow is even deeper this evening.

I looked across to see if the steps might be clear. DREAM ON PAT.
this shows the wrought iron hand rails and the mound of snow.
The steps were covered up to the rails and more. That door was no longer a way out.

The front was really deep, it still is and it will stay that way, we never use that driveway. I am hoping the city will move it.

We are on the corner and the utility pole stops the plow getting close to our driveway and the next door neighbours driveway. She managed to get her part blown but she came round to the back of our house with her blower and helped me with our big driveway.
I could not get out of the back door I went out of the patio door, the patio was clear of snow from the wind blowing it away to the back door itself.

You can see from the patio door to the garage but the back door deck has a bare edge.

This is the path I have to dig through to get to the garage door, snow was up to my elbows at the bottom step.
I needed to see how much snow was in front of the door so we had to move all of that so I could see if the door was clear--No way!
The snow was as high as the top of the front garage door, I wish I had remembered to take the camera out but we had to get it broken down it was completely covered and I could not get my blower out.

She(another Pat and her friend Patti) had arrived, they started to move the bottom layer of the pile and I opened the door just enough to push snow in to their path and eventually we had hole wider than the blower . I asked them to move back and I would open the door -it's a double door and I wanted the snow to stay put.

The door went up and I stood behind 2 snow walls, started the blower and hurried out through the gap with the machine, I closed the door immediately and none fell in to the garage.

Once we had both blowers going we just kept watching through the snow to be sure we did not get hurt in the snow stream from the augers.

The back driveway is a circle and we are the end of it and the plow did not push the snow very far back. The snowbank was about 15 feet away from the driveway. The snow marker poles were buried so he had no clue where the driveway was. We had so little snow until now so he has had little practice this year.
It took both blowers side be side to move that huge mound but we did it.

My aching back was happy to quit and so I thanked my good neighbours and Pat and her machine made a path for the Gas delivery man as she went back to their house.

I sat with a hot rice bag in my back and DH made me some hot tea.
We watched a DVD I borrowed from the library and ate chicken stew for dinner.

I feel I accomplished a lot and poor DH had a guilt trip. We both love to play in the snow and he would have loved to be out there.

Maybe next time !
I just hope you can see my pictures. Snow is hard to see.
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