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5K - Woohoo! Runner's High

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Today, I woke up at 5:30, drove an hour and a half, and ran a 5K: my first 5K as an adult! I ran a 5K when I was 9, but what I remember was stopping so that I could see the police car at the end and then finishing. Anyways, last night I was dragging my feet about going. I told myself, "Do I really have to go? I haven't registered yet. I ate terrible tonight; there is no way I could do well."

Well, this morning I forced myself to just get up and go, despite nerves and not wanting to drive all the way there. Up and out I went. I almost forgot the direction but sprinted back to my room for them. Eventually I found my way there, registered, and got ready by warming up and stretching.

Then, they called us to line up. I placed myself towards the back but not where I thought the walkers would be. We are off and once around the corner the people spread out, and I start my interval time (run 1 minute, walk 30 seconds). I was worried about not being able to hear my timer beep, but that was not a problem.

I reached the one mile mark, and I hear my GPS say 11 minutes and some seconds. I have not run a mile in less than 12 minutes since who knows when if ever. I thought "wow, maybe I should slow down." I made sure not to go too fast in the second mile, even though I didn't think I was going fast during the first mile. Half-way through the second mile I let myself just run. I had fun, found encouragement in others, and tried to encourage them too. I got to the three mile marker and just ran all the way to the finish line. My side started to cramp up that last tenth of a mile, but I can honestly say that I did my best and had fun.

I completed the 5K in 37 minutes and 28 seconds. Me! I thought I'd be lucky to be under 40 minutes because a few weeks ago I was able to run it in just under 40 minutes. I am still amazed. I did not feel like I was running faster than normal, even though I was passing a lot of people up when I ran (they passed me up when I walked though). Anyways, it was so much fun. If you haven't done a 5K before, I highly recommend it. You can do it with friends or do a fun run.

Oh, and some things I learned:
-Don't eat junk the night before. I was fine, but it did not help motivation. (confession: I literally had only junk food for dinner)
-I need to look more at what to do for breakfast. I'm use to waiting an hour before breakfast but didn't today since I left ten minutes after I woke up. I planned on oatmeal, but maybe I need to bring a bagel (it won't go cold and gross) and wait until my stomach wakes up to eat. I brought a banana to eat besides the oatmeal, but I was full or my stomach was nervous so I didn't eat it. Thirty minutes before the race though, I was hungry, which was not fun. I was fine once I got moving.
-I should talk to more people and need to be more outgoing.
-I ran a lot faster than I thought was possible when it was a race. In my 10K, 15K, and half marathon, I will have to be sure to not run as fast during the first half.
-It's worth it. The training, the money, the time, and everything else was worth it. I CAN do it!

Current Weight: 216.0

Plus, I tried swimming at my school this past week, which was hard and fun!

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