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Saturday, February 09, 2013

So it seems like it has been a LOOONNG time since I last wrote a blog! So this blog is a hodge-podge of what has happened in the mean time.

My life has exploded over the last month with new (and fun) commitments! I got to substitute teach (biology, environmental science and general science) for a whole month, and it was fantastic fun. I'm a certified chemistry and physics teacher - so bio and environmental science was WAY outside of my comfort zone, so I had to do a lot of learning in order to teach, which was great!

I've accidentally started a booming business - tutoring high school kids in math and science. The money is great (which is awesome, because I became technically unemployed this month), and I feel great doing it! I am tutoring 6 kids right now, and I can probably handle 1 or 2 more and I will be at my limit.

My weight loss has gotten slower - partially due to a busier schedule leaving less time to exercise, but also because I am nearing my goal weight, so things will just tend to be slower I guess.

I'm still eating well and the scale is still moving in the right direction! I'm at about 156 lbs now, which is only 2 lbs down from when I wrote a month ago.

BUT - I measured my waist this morning, and not only is it down an inch since last month, but IT IS NOW UNDER 30 INCHES! I remember watching this British health show a couple years back and they presenter said that between 30-33 inches is the intermediate zone, 33+ is unhealthy, and -30 is optimum! Probably one of those BS health markers, but it has been in my head as a goal ever since.

I went shopping 2 weeks ago to take advantage of the Belgian sales, and bought a really pretty dress. It is charcoal grey with white birds on it, and it has a fitted high waist. The tag has a lot of countries' sizes in it, and it lists the US size as 8!!! I bought a size 8 dress! Well, to be honest, my girlfriend bought it for me. I loved the dress, but it was a bit pricey for me and my penny-pinching ways, and I was debating whether to buy it or not, when she grabbed it and handed her bank card to the cashier. I emoticon her - she knows I would have probably not bought it, and then been sad about it.

My hips are still a 10+, so pants are another story, but I am so excited that I can walk into "normal" stores now and buy the clothes that I think are pretty, as opposed to the clothes that will fit me.

Tomorrow we are running in a "Valentine's Run" in Antwerp - the run is free and they give prizes for good valentine's costumes. So I bought us some wigs and heart-shaped glasses. Should be a fun time.

On the 16th we are going to a 6-course Vegan dinner for Valentine's Day. I'm sure it is more calories than I need for the week, but hey, how often can one go to a fancy Vegan dinner.

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