100 mini goals

Saturday, February 09, 2013

*in no particular order

1. Get organized, clean one small, annoying section a day.
2. Take the time to laugh/play with my kids daily.
3. Enjoy some down time with my husband daily.
4. Go to bed like normal people... no falling asleep on the couch watching TV.
5. Make a consistent bedtime routine for all 3 kids.
6. Make a new healthy recipe for dinner once a week.
7. Write down a menu for the week and a corresponding grocery list.
8. Exercise a minimum of 3 times per week.
9. Take a full length photo of myself (when I feel ready).
10. Get down to a size 22.
11. Get down to a size 20.
12. Get down to a size 18.
13. Get down to a size 16.
14. Get down to a size 14!!! WOO HOO!!
15. Have a spa day.
16. Plan a day trip for the family.
17. Take a day trip with the family.
18. Plan a weekend trip for the family.
19. Take a weekend trip with the family.
20. Get a mani/pedi.
21. Take the kids outside once a day (weather permitting).
22. Get a pedicure.
23. Read a new book once a month.
24. Always save 10%.
25. Clean out the master bedroom closet.
26. Stay on top of and super organized with our money.
27. Work on something new for my Etsy shop once a week.
28. Have a "girls night" once every 2/3 months.
29. Have a date night once a month.
30. Take a romantic trip (short one, lol) with just me and my hubbie. ;)
31. Clean up/organize the basement.
32. Clean up/organize my craft/work area.
33. Clean up/organize the loft.
34. Clean up/organize our room.
35. Clean up/organize the kids' room.
36. Donate/giveaway/sell the things we don't need/use anymore.
37. Pay off credit card #1.
38. Pay off credit card #2.
39. Pay off credit card #3.
40. Get to Director with Melaleuca.
41. Get to Director III with Melaleuca.
42. Get to Director V with Melaleuca.
43. Get to Director VII with Melaleuca.
44. Get to Director IX with Melaleuca.
45. Get to Senior Director with Melaleuca.
46. Get my hair done.
47. Weigh under 300lbs. emoticon as of 2/18/13
48. Weigh under 290lbs.
49. Weigh under 280lbs.
50. Weigh under 270lbs.
51. Weigh under 260lbs.
52. Weigh under 250lbs.
53. Weigh under 240lbs.
54. Weigh under 230lbs.
55. Weigh under 220lbs.
56. Weigh under 210lbs.
57. Weigh under 200lbs. YAY!!!
58. Weigh under 190lbs.
59. Weigh under 180lbs.
60. GOAL WEIGHT 175!!!! WOO HOO! Happy dance! Oh yeah!! ;)
61. Go rollerblading.
62. Get bikes for the family.
63. Get new glasses.
64. Get contact lenses.
65. Get an ereader device.

***work in progress
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