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Just a little aggravation

Saturday, February 09, 2013


Yes we got hit with about 10 inches of snow in my area...
not as bad as the picture .
My new neighbor and I were busy clearing off the cars at 7:30 AM
so that we could move the cars for the condo management 'team'
to bulldoze the parking spaces.
but...true to their style....
they came at 10:30 and,
without even honking the horn to let folks know they were here...
like Ninja slow plowers...they came plowed a few empty spaces ... and left.
The only thing missing were the black outfits and masks.
{mind you there is no alternative place to park and
you don't know when they will decide to come...
and it's not as if people are going to be standing guard by their windows}.


A phone call and an email later...I arrange to park the car in a neighbor's empty spot and I let the condo mgmt know that I expect our spaces to be cleared.
So...after cooling off...I sit down to enjoy a pot of tea.
And 2 hours later I see the return of the plow...once again Ninja style.
It's the idiot game they play and then they get pissed off when people complain.

Determined not to eat away my mood.

I must first I thought they were trying to diss me ...
but looking around the parking lot, I realize
it's just the way they do things here.

oh goes on...

enjoy your weekend

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love that first picture - emoticon
    1684 days ago
    I completely understand where you're coming from. I live in a condo and got 6" of snow on Friday. Out snow plow company came late in the day. I didn't even feel like going to the mailbox to get my mail. And, of course, they only did a little shoveling around my car. The weather was sunny and nicer yesterday, then got colder again last night. My car is sitting on a sheet of ice now. Oh, well! I like the quote you have at the end of your blog.
    1684 days ago
    1684 days ago
  • -LINDA_S

    Good job not eating like crazy! Hope that snow melts soon!
    1684 days ago
    1684 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Contractors that probably have a snow contract that was paid at the beginning of the season - gosh, darn, now they have to work for it - what a nuisance!!!
    1684 days ago
    bummer...ever think about moving?
    1684 days ago
  • TERRI289
    I am town got two inches, pathetic....and it was just a little inconvenience...sorry for the parking lots woes...

    There would have been cookies for me after all that...

    Come visit my blog, want you to see my Dana dog!! emoticon
    1684 days ago
    I'm glad you came through it.
    1684 days ago
    We got closer to 12"

    Kids enjoyed playing in it, ⛄hubby shovel ❄to burn calories instead of using snowblower. Me? I stayed in my warm cozy house😉
    1684 days ago
    I am glad that I don't live one of the condo..I am sorry for your hassle with them. Things like that will very upset me as well. Most of condo associate are like this in the way... They just love and enjoy collect your condo fee, but when you need some help, this is what you get.. It is so sad. ..

    1684 days ago
    How aggravating for sure! Glad you're safe anyway. HUGS!
    1684 days ago
    Luckly I don't have the problem of having to deal with someone else moving the snow, we have to do our ourselves with our snow blower. But I do remember when I did live somewhere that someone else did it and I understand your frustration.

    Our snow is coming tomorrow but they don't know how much yet. We will see if I will snowblow before the hubby comes home or if it will wait till Monday and I work from home.

    At least it was on a weekend.
    1684 days ago
    How frustrating! But I admire you for having kept your col and your sense of humor!
    1684 days ago
    Make a mental note of this day and use it to cool off in August. That's what I'm doing!!! emoticon

    1684 days ago
    The good thing about this is at least they came back. Of course you would have probably killed them if they hadn't. LOL.
    1684 days ago
    Frustrating!!! But shoveling snow burns a ton of calories, if you want to get out your frustration?
    1684 days ago
    I kinda had to smile at the Ninja style plowing. Now i'm so very glad I live in the south. No snow, some frost on occasion ;and no need for the plow trucks. Not that I don't fondly remember those days of living in Vermont but I have to tell ya I don't miss that part of it. lol.
    1684 days ago
    Sorry it's been so rough! Just calm down and find a V emoticon odoo doll to torture!
    1684 days ago
    Blizzard Nemo : Drizzle

    Your turn!
    1684 days ago
    1684 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Blizzard Nemo - Let's see... Lizard, Mole, Node, Lemon, Daze, Blaze, Darn, Damn, Dam, Done, Blame (just helping to give you an idea to pass the time until June when the plows get to you Sheryl)
    1684 days ago
    Wow! Love the stories as I have never lived in a snow place before.
    1684 days ago
  • KASEYCOFF I tell you a little story the first photo reminded me of:

    I'm originally from upstate NY. I mean, WAY upstate - any farther north and I'd be Canadian, lol.

    The ex had never been north of Maryland, at least not for any extensive time. The first trip we took north to visit my family was in July.

    Now, the homefolks all live in rural areas, with lots of hardscrabble dairy farms (even unto today) and narrow roads and teeny-tiny villages dotted here and there.

    Sez him "Why do people have all these stakes tied to their mailboxes?"

    Truth be told, they'd faded into the background for me years prior. These were stripped saplings, perhaps about 12-feet or so tall (every now and then you get a showoff who has to have the tallest one), with a red plastic strip (you know, that vinyl-ribbon stuff you tie on the back of long loads hanging from the tailgate) atop each one.

    Sez me "For the snow. You know, mid-winter. So they can find their mailboxes."

    He was aggravated. (Oh, if only I'd known then what I know now.)

    "Don't give me that - they don't get twelve feet of snow."

    "Nope, you're right. They don't. But if the plow came along and buried your mailbox under 12 feet of packed snow, and you spent four hours digging it out - only to find you'd been digging in the wrong place - you'd have a stake, too."
    1684 days ago
    Yes, it's the way of the world these days. I think that photo was photoshopped by someone.
    1684 days ago
    WTG keeping those emotions in check and not resorting to binging.
    1684 days ago
  • DALID414
    Glad you chose not to eat your emotions away. Very adult of you. In a clearly childish situation.
    1684 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    This is when you wish you had a garage! Then again, you'd still get plowed in!
    1684 days ago
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