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Saturday, February 09, 2013

My sparkPage is quite up to date. I was working on a background photo, but will have to finish that later. Maybe after I find out what team I will be on.

My scale is more than dusted being I weigh every day. It has become a habit. Good, bad or indifferent I am sticking to it.
Gym Bag - No. Mine is a Beach/Pool bag - and I am off to the pool for water exercise when weather permits. I have 2-3 swimsuits I rotate from day to day.
A new fitbit to monitor my steps and how well I do or don't sleep.

I bike/walk with a bird named Oliver. I do a lot of pool exercises.
I have a WII Fit plus for rainy or chilly days. My favorite WII Fit exersize is to do the free run while watching a movie. I call it wogging.
I usually get in a minumum of 500 cardio mins a week, so I can commit to at least that during the 8 week 5% challenge.

My measuring cups and food scale are handy.
It is a rare occassion that I have junk food in my home.
DIET??? I am not on a diet. I am unfamiliar with most of them mentioned.
I am just trying to live healthier. Portion control and exercise. Challenges on Spark seem to help, but I think sometimes the expectations takes ones time away from exercising. I am taking time away from my exercise today to respond to the assignments for the 5% Challenge.
I am actually being lazy today using the assignments as an excuse because I am not sure they are a requirement. Are they?

I will support my team as time permits. Bible Studies, exercise & Oliver are priorities. A good thing is I am retired and don't have a career or children to worry about as well.

All the reasons I want to lose weight:
To look and feel better. To stay healthy - medical care is expensive these days and I can't afford it. Obama's Health Care don't give a rip about the senior population. He would just as soon put us all out on an iceberg.
To fit in smaller cloths. I need an excuse for a new wardrobe.
Losing weight isn't a guarantee one is going to feel better. At my age things start falling apart. Growing old isn't an easy thing to do.

TRIGGER FOODS: I for the life of me never have understood the purpose of listing ones trigger foods. I make a big effort to keep them out of the house and I would rather not talk about them either. Just thinking about them can send me out on a binge. I feel if talking about it can do it to me perhaps it can do it to others. Like watching a food commercial, then one gets up and goes gets something to eat. I rarely go out to eat, because I know I have a big tendency to over indulge. It isn't worth the recovery time.
I think we all realize we have some kind of attraction or addition to food for some reason or we wouldn't be here trying to live healthier lives.
If one has a bad eating day, I can understand fessing up......but to be descriptive as to what you ate I am not sure what purpose that serves, other than possibly tripping up another teammate.
I went out to dinner last nite and the only thing the dinning room was offering was a buffet. Needless to say I over indulged and and as great as it was I have my regrets. I don't think there is a need to be descriptive as to every dish that was on the buffet or what I ate. And there are people who do that, when they are confessing to their over indulgences. Anyway, this is just my personnel opinion.
My strategy on trigger foods is to totally avoid them....Don't even talk about them because if they trigger you, they more than likely will trigger someone else. I have no desire to trip up a teammate, especially if she is on my team.

Cutting calories: Smaller portions will always help. I eat a lot of salads. I have found adding water or milk to some of those thick dressings will thin them out so they go further and cut some calories.

Reasons/Excuses - Basically one has to make up their mind to do it, I keep losing my mind set and losing focus. I keep tripping myself up. I am trying to move out of my own way and get the job done. I might have teammates walking with me, but they can't walk it for me. I have to do that alone.
Sometime I get discouraged at the time it takes to log my food, record my exercise, respond to message boards. There are only so many hours in a day and sometimes I find myself being neglectful of my yard and domestic chores to respond to assignments and interteam challenges just to be a part of a Spark Challenge.

I really do feel guilty when I don't get some exercise in, so I am going to quit out of this lengthy blog, consider the assignments done, get off my tush and go exercise.

♥.•*¨-:¦:-. ;.•.♥ *H*A*V*E* *A ♥.•*¨-:¦:-. ;.•.
…•*¨-:¦:-. (. ;.•.♥*G*R*E*A*T*♥.
•*¨)•*¨-:¦:- …
…..(¸.•´(•*¨.♥) *W*E*E*K*E*N*D* (¸.•´(•*¨.♥.•*¨)
……….{¸.•´{¸ ;.• .•*¨}.• {¸.•´{¸ ;.• .•*¨}.•
……………….•*´¨ ) ..•*¨) -:¦:-
………………….;.•.♥ ♥.•*¨
…………………….`*.¸.*´ MA

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