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5% Challenge Assignment #4

Saturday, February 09, 2013

List ALL your trigger foods. Is it a snack food or part of a meal? Are they sweet or salty? Hot, cold or room temperature? Carbs, comfort foods?
~~Sugar is the worst and bad carbs follow closely. Be it sweet or salty, snacky foods or meals, hot or cold, it doesn't matter. Once I eat something heavy in sugar or bad carbs, it's like I can't stop eating until I'm about to burst. Some of the worst culprits for me are ice cream, cookies, candy, crackers, tortillas, pasta, rice (with salt and butter!), & bread (with butter and herbs!), pizza.

What are the sources of the Triggers Foods? Is it a fast food restaurant? ~~No, not really. Drive thru? ~~No. Food you order in? ~~yes, pizza... definitely. Grocery store? ~~Nope. Convenience store? ~~Nope. Meals at family or friends? ~~Yes, often. Co-workers birthday cake? ~~No. Treats from others? ~~Not often, but that has happened.

Describe the most common situations where you reach for the trigger foods or snacks. What room are you in, what time is it, what are you doing, who is with you, and how do you feel? Are you tired? Are you eating to feel better? Are you rewarding yourself? Soothing yourself? Are you bored? By getting the food how does it make what you are doing better?
~~My worst time of weakness for falling prey to a trigger is after work and the evenings in the living room. I have been alone, but I don't have to be... and yes, I'm often very tired or bored and eating delicous food is enjoyable and soothing and does temporarily make me feel good. I really enjoy eating while I watch tv... until I realize that I'm not stopping, then I just feel guilty and disgusted.

What should you be doing at that time?
~~Anything other than eating.

Do you see a pattern? What types of foods are you reaching for? Does convenient access make a difference?
~~I definitely see a pattern. I often reach for whatever is most convenient, often packaged, fastest, but what I cook for supper has also triggered binges... like spaghetti and french bread or pizza.

How can you better handle the situations to avoid the triggers and not binge or eat more than you should.
~~Recognizing myself about to eat a trigger food has stopped me before. I'll be looking through the pantry or fridge for something to grab and suddenly realize what I'm doing, ask myself WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! and then just walk away from the kitchen. However, eating supper with the family still often triggers a non-stop eating frenzy for me... To thwart that I try to cook less (no leftovers) or put the rest up right away after making plates for us all, and I have resorted to rarely buying treats, like ice cream, at all. I'm still having a hard time limiting the pizza. But for that, I found that if I eat a big salad with my pizza... I actually do eat less pizza.

Write out your strategy to avoid the Triggers.
~~A lot of self-talk... positive self-talk, drinking plenty of water.... they say that often when you want to eat, you're actually thirsty, portion control when serving myself my meals, putting up leftovers, saying no, thank you when offered treats at work, read, get busy with something else, or DO grab a snack but make sure it's a fresh fruit or veggie.

What did you learn from doing this assignment? Anything else to add?
~~I think I keep eating sometimes when I'm not really hungry because my body is starved for nutrition. I keep filling it with stuff that lacks good nutrition, but it's not doing me any good. My body says, no, that's not getting it, eat more... and so I keep eating until my stomach says ENOUGH ALREADY! I have found that when I "fill up" on fresh fruts and veggies, I don't get in that "EAT MORE!" loop ending with feeling disgusted and guilty and my body still stared for nutrition. When I eat fresh veggies and fruit I eat less, I'm satisfied with less and I have a TON more energy! It's amazing.

Women like her inspired me to go raw. :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You know what triggers you for sure Thanks for sharing
    1863 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    It's amazing how that works isn't it? We know we get fuller and feel more satisfied when we eat the fruits & veggies and yet making the choice to eat them over all that other stuff is so hard. I don't understand it, but I know it's true. Here's to both of us making the harder choice.
    1863 days ago
    Thanks for the exercise and information.
    1864 days ago
    Carbs are hard to fight off. Them pizza,sugery snacks are all convenient and assessable to easily.
    The nutritious foods require a little more work sometimes. This is why they take a backseat. A conscious effort to eat healthier is required,no matter what. If not all the time ,at least most of the time. It is a better benefit in the long run. I wish you luck.
    1864 days ago
    Awesome! I would love to go raw too but I too have a sugar crave!
    1864 days ago
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