Saturday - Two more days till D Day

Saturday, February 09, 2013

First I have to congratulate myself that I didn't do anything crazy or stupid for my upcoming surgeon's appt. on Tuesday. No water fasts, liquid diet, cabbage soup diet, nothing. I've been steadily standing on 235 the past week. I'm due to drop a few pounds any day now. My pattern is to fluctuate back and forth and then drop 4-5 pounds in a day and it's my new normal.

Work was good this week and refreshing to have my office where there are windows and sunlight. It was a stark contrast to having spent the past 7 years in a basement office with no natural light, and in a week I'll be back in another basement office. I got an email from the facility guys that my furniture is in and all they are waiting on is my phone and computer lines to be put in. It's scheduled to be finished next Friday. So, Friday will be move in day for me. I'll be lugging a laptop, two oversize monitors, stands, books and assorted manuals from my present office. Then, the apt. fridge and boxes of stuff I've got stashed here at home go in.

I've got meetings or lectures to attend every evening this week and next. Going to be very busy. Then, I start the for real training the first week of March. Time is flying by. I see my husband a few hours on the weekend, that's been about it.

Good thing is the weather is breaking finally. We're going into the spring swings. Robins are here and the birds are making their mating calls. It's still cold, chilly, but no more FREEZING temps. Thunderstorms are forecast for later tonight and tomorrow. Lent begins next week. Early Easter. Bulbs are coming up like gangbusters in the yard. I've got to get the ornamental grass trimmed back before it sprouts new growth.

I can't wait to get back to daily park walks with Dixie. It's been either too late, too cold or snowy or rainy. My joints don't do cold very well any more. Soon, soon. Poor Dixie is going stir crazy though.

So, I'm hoping for a good weight drop this week, a good visit with the surgeon and a productive weekend. Got a good nights sleep last night so I'm up for the day. Speaking of which, better get started. I've got a pork butt roast slow cooking in the oven for pulled pork tonight. It'll cook all day and be ready around 6 tonight...smells good already.
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