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Saturday, February 09, 2013

I am writing this more as a reminder for me to look back on if I get off track. Here is what is currently working and what has been the most successful in the past.
I weigh myself daily for some it works for some it doesn't for me it does as long as I don't let myself get crazy about the number. It is just a good way for me to stay on track.
I measure myself weekly. This lets me know I am losing fat and not just weight.
I log my food even if I don't stay in my calorie ranges Honesty is a necessity for me.
I workout daily even if it is just walking (minimum goal 10000 steps but I prefer to get 15000 in) my fitbit is very motivating reminder to get up and move.
Eat more vegetables than anything and eat them for breakfast. I do better when I don't eat traditional breakfast foods I am better with a couple cups of steamed broccoli and an egg or 2.
I eat very little meat, for me meat is the exception not the rule. I still get all the protein I need through vegetables and legumes.
I set short term non food reward goals.
When I am able to I size down my clothes. When my clothes are tighter I want them to be looser so it is a reminder to put down the fork or avoid temptation when I am wearing that smaller size. (I have gone from a size 22 to a size 14 currently, and work pants a skin tight XL to a skin tight M).
I drink lots of water.
I keep my goals in the front of my mind so that I am less tempted to splurge
I do allow for relaxed days where I do splurge or enjoy certain things because I am human but I make this the exception not the rule and get right back on track the following meal or day.
I plan my meals to an extent. I log what I eat for breakfast and lunch and I am able to figure my calorie budget for dinner and snacks from there. Tonight I am budgeting so I can go out to dinner at the Indian restaurant one of my favorites.
I have managed through the ultimate reset to get my nutrtion back on track and I am a couple weeks removed and I am maintaining the loss and losing fat as well.
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