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Saturday, February 09, 2013

What are your secrets for starting your engine? Intro's frequently made by Newbies will say, 'I need motivation" ........ or as one said, "How do you get motivation?" Sounds valid because without motivation, it is like trying to drive a car without starting the engine.............. which will ignite metabolism and then begin burning those calories and melting down fat .......... like butter on a burner!

Motivation is not exactly something you can see, taste, or hold in your hand ....... but once the force of ACTION is engaged, it can certainly be powerful, mighty and bring tremendous results.

There are numerous catalysts to incite motivation ....... I'm using three.

#1. Sensory Stimulation ........... emoticon .... Mental synapses fire with visuals ......... what your eye sees ........ like a picture, a poster, or a person with a fit sexy body ........... something that cAuses us to say, "That's for ME! I want that!" emoticon ........ And I don't know about you, but just staring at my kettleballs alone doesn't do it .......... emoticon ...........

#2. Sound ......... Music. Try sitting motionless when some rockin hot music w/ a fast beat is playing ............ emoticon ...... It is nearly impossible! Get up, move to the beat, and very quickly you can have an invigorating workout and have fun doing it. emoticon ......... (really)

#3. Competition ..... Still works!
I grew up between two brothers and the competition was fierce! My brother, one year younger, thrived on family approval and applause. I never was willing to be a by stander and watch someone ELSE's success ......... so it was the 'kick in the ribs' I needed to shoot for my own star! And I did ........... emoticon I played Powder Puff football my senior year of HS, was a lean-mean star on our team ...... (we were so mean, the school banished games afterwards) ..... LOL ...... Then there was track ........... I discovered I could 'hi-jump' and was an endurance runner! I took home some emoticon of my own! It was great discovering what I was capable of ........... and it changed my personal self esteem ......... and it was the beginning of a lifetime of fitness that I knew I would have ............

These are just three tools I use to spark the Motivation is that is just waiting for a nudge ....... Sometimes one will work ........ or combinations.
Still competive to this day (but not with football or high jumping) you usually don't have to look far to find that 'one person' who can secretly act as your own catalyst .......... maybe a co-worker that struts by in a slinky dress with an 'attitude' .......... or a family member ........... Whatever works ........ works and we work it to tap into that motivating stir ........ bringing us to action that with consistency WILL bring about healthy positive change .......... Who wants to be a by stander, live on the sidelines and watch someone ELSE'S success when you and I have it on the inside ............ emoticon ........... YOU do!! ......... Find the combinations that work for you and start your engine! Shoot for your own personal star ......... It's shining for you .......... emoticon emoticon Who knows ........ you may get more than a emoticon ..... Health and happiness are a big prize!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! Very good points.
    Thanks so much for sharing, 2B !!!!

    1830 days ago
    love this. music does it for me everytime I have a ton of music on my ipod. some country some rock, hiphop, rap, italian some childrens songs all with a good beat. I also have songs from long ago that they still play often on the radio so when they play, hungry like the wolf, or just dance, I'm your boogey man I know I must head to the gym to get that feel good feeling. I am not into competion but I love that the gym had some kind of athletic sport on the tv so i can try to jump as high or run as fast try lol.sensory pictures me in my twenties with muscles i know I will not get there again but close would be good. now excuse me as I have to go work out because your blog just told me too. Thank you for a great blog. and motivation.
    1837 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    emoticon I don't have ANY visuals.

    for the important reminder. I really NEED a visual. I choose "person with a fit, sexy body that causes us to say, "That's for ME! I want that!"

    Jan, you wouldn't happen to have the phone # for that hot "Thor" actor Chris Hemsworth, would you? Now that's some sweet eye candy that could motivate me for sure!!!!
    1837 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/10/2013 6:38:16 AM
    Great blog. I like your motivation ideas. Music's especially great, time to crank it up! emoticon
    1837 days ago
    You are exactly right! My silly little goals keep me going. The big motivator for me to lose, was to actually see the scale move down. Once I knew the sparkpeople plan actually worked I was more motivated to keep going. Thanks for this blog!
    1837 days ago
  • LANA2520
    NICE BLOG this really give me motivation for the day
    1837 days ago
    Great blog. I get motivated to exercise by the many people I know who go to the same gym I do. Even though I only see these people at the gym, I show up for classes because I know they will be there, and will want to see me there. There are a couple of instructors whose classes I always try to go to because I don't want to disappoint them. It sounds funny, but it seems to work for me. I'm a very social person. I have trouble getting motivated to work out on my own.
    1837 days ago
  • BERRY4
    Nicely done!
    For me, there are a couple of things I have to remember:
    1 - If I start an argument in my head of "to do, or not to do," usually I will lose the battle. Conclusion: JUST DO IT!

    2 - This pretty much ties in w/ #1. I can read about it, talk about it, know about it, but if I don't DO IT, it still never gets done. Change won't happen.

    Have yourself a GREAT weekend!
    1838 days ago
    Great reminders thanks for sharing! I have been thinking about motivation a lot lately also. I think my current motivation is coming from saying yes to my health and the feeling of accomplishment I receive from it. Music is a fun motivator for me. I also enjoy competition against my old best. Its so pleasing to have beat an old goal. Have a hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    1838 days ago
    Great blog (as always)! I too find competition to be a huge motivator. And you are so right about the music! Thanks for the reminders.
    1838 days ago
    Every choice or habit we have (good and bad) feeds a need we have. You need to figure out what need that choice is serving. When we replace a bad choice with a good choice that also serves a need and you have to know what that is and committed you are to it.

    All of the choices you mentioned above are great and I use them often.

    Karen emoticon
    1838 days ago
  • 1935MARY
    I liked this. You can find motivation all around you, even when you are not looking for it. Sometimes I get it from reading blog. Thank you. have a great week-end.
    1838 days ago
    It's strange, but with me I often find that momentum brings motivation, but there still needs to be something to get me going again to get the momentum. Good suggestions.
    1838 days ago
  • JGRAY76
    Great blog! We all struggle with motivation at times.
    1838 days ago
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