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A Tale of 2 Daughters – Genetics, body type, lifestyle, attitude, fitness

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Percentile status at checkups throughout childhood
#1 (10th height, 10th weight)
#2 (90th height, 50th weight)

#1 was a very picky eater #2 liked food

Both were in all kinds of sports activities.
(Because Mom wanted these opportunities as a child and had only limited access)

#1 Played right field (You can guess why)
#2 Was the pitcher on the All Star Team

#1 once got a 3rd place in a local meet
#2 went on to USS swimming – a great breaststroke!

#1 had an obvious size advantage (but it didn’t help much)
#2 grew too tall too soon for this to continue

Ice Skating
Both learned enough to participate and to be stable forwards and backwards.

Tennis: Only a 6 week class. These were NOT the Williams sisters!
Soccer didn’t last long either.

Individual choices
#1 Baton twirling and set an elementary school record for the “flexed arm hang” in gym
#2 Basketball

High School (#1 Height 5’2” #2 Height 5’10”)
#1 4 years of band & 2 years of rifle twirling
#2 Quit band in favor of swimming, track, cross country and 4 years of PE (weight training etc)

Both went to the same university:
#1 met her future husband at a party.
#2 met hers pumping iron at the gym.

#1 (Senior) suggested that #2 (Freshman) run a marathon in the Midwest where they grew up. They could visit old friends and have a great weekend along with #2s first marathon experience.
#2 with a longest training distance of 10 miles under her belt by race day, qualified for Boston with a 3:35
Disclaimer: I didn’t know about her limited training at the time.
Perhaps a genetic fluke? I wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself.

#2 continued to run and BQ’d every year since. (3:08 marathon time at age 40)
#1 finally got tired of “being weak” and BQ’d herself at age 40.
She’s a lot stronger now too. She also grew to 5’4”

Genetics, lifestyle, body type, attitude – probably a little of each.
For the record, there’s no BQ in my future. As they say, I’m only half crazy – 13.1 is my most ambitious goal. Who knows what could have been if I had started younger and had access to all the resources and information we have today.

Take advantage of this all you young women.
Give yourself every advantage to be your best whatever “best” you want to be.
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