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Well Ah'll Be Hornswaggled!

Friday, February 08, 2013

(from the critically-acclaimed Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Cinematic genius, I tell you!)

You know, it's actually been a good week. I was all RWWWWAR with the exercise. A total of 20 miles on the bike, an hour of Zumba, and about an hour of strength training. I was pretty on spot with nutrition too, though I was always on the upper end of my calories. I, however, did NOT expect a 2.6 pound loss for the week.

And I know it's a good loss too. My pants legs started feeling looser and it's also a little loose around the bum area. Which I'm super stoked about. I don't know if it's because of the biking, but I feel like I'm losing some inches in different spots this time. My thighs have been the most stubborn of the bunch, so anything that works for that area makes me happy!

I think I am done with the major cardio though for the week. Not gonna lie...Zumba was rough last night. I was pretty miserable. But there were only 2 sessions left before it moves to 6:30 and I have to nix it in favor of ST. It helped for me to eat a banana 15 minutes before class. Actually, that's what I did for each of my workouts this week and I feel like it made a huge difference. Will definitely do this again next week!

So day. Tomorrow, I might get on a bike and do a gentle 20-30 minute ride, but focus mostly on ST for the entire body. Sunday will hopefully be my next major bike workout.

Next week I start drills in the pool. I'm a bit nervous about adding these to my bike workouts, but it's necessary if I want to be able to do some decent lap swimming starting the 1st week of March. Plus I'll lose a night of cardio with Zumba moving, so I need to find somewhere to add that in.

In other news:

- For the first time in Zumba, I did not feel like Lurch. I wasn't channeling J-Lo, and my core isn't quite strong enough, but at least I didn't look like a shuffling zombie for once (braaaaaaaains....).

- Sleep. 8+ hours of sleep has helped my mood a LOT this week. I feel great in the mornings, but I'm still struggling with a midafternoon slump even though I'm spacing out my meals. Whomp whomp.

- Had someone in my office try to convince me to do liver flushes. He blamed my insulin resistance and (former) gallbladder issues on my evil non-flushed liver. He even sent me an ebook about it. The flush involves days of apple juice, then some concotion of olive oil and lemon juice, followed by epsom salt. Um, yuck? Anyone ever heard of this? I tried to be polite, but feeling dubious is a mild way of putting how I feel about this. Hornswaggle, I suspect, but I will practice what I preach and research it.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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    What an amazing week and an equally amazing loss! That's AWESOME!! It's great to hear you have so much dedication and variety in your exercise regimen. How do you find the time and the courage to go to classes? Haha that's always been my bane.

    That cleanse thing sounds fishy though. My ex mother-in-law would go on liver and colon cleanses when she wanted to lose five or ten pounds to fit into a dress for an occasion, and would consume nothing but weird mixtures of lemon juice and cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Even before I started this journey to a better me I thought it was pretty unhealthy - especially the quick fix mentality of it. If you were interested in a cleanse or managing your insulin levels or whatever, I would look into a healthier, long-term supplement to your lifestyle, like what foods or sugar levels are better for day to day consumption and whatnot.

    It sounds like you're doing terrific! Keep up the fantastic work!
    1840 days ago
    don't do the flush, your body does a pretty good job on its own.
    1842 days ago
    You are doing great!!! Keep it up!
    1842 days ago
    I love the cat! Congrats on the weight loss. Your activity level is inspiring!
    1842 days ago
    Good for you.
    1842 days ago
    Good work Missie! As for the liver cleanse, um, I'm thinking "hornswaggle" is probably a gentler, kinder word than I would choose... just my 2 cents. I do know a few people who have tried it and other plans like it, and it's just really hard on your system. Since you and I have some similar challenges with the IR from the PCOS being chief among them, I'm feeling pretty confident in telling you that if you're at all inclined to make a significant change to your food plan, consider low carb if you can figure out how to afford replacing the affordable pastas and potatoes and rice with vegs and meat. It has made a HUGE difference for my energy levels and weight loss, particularly in my middle section, which is of course, the biggest problem area!
    1842 days ago
    Congrats on the weight loss and the nicely varied exercise regimen.

    Sticking with a solid ST program will do wonders for your overall body composition. It can really help you keep losing those overall inches in the right places (I'm a bog fan of squats, lunges, deadlifts, and overhead presses!)

    Guys don't Zumba, but I admire anyone that can channel J-Lo!
    1842 days ago
  • JUDY106
    Wow!!! Almost 3 lbs. gone. That is fabulous. You really are being activate. I wish that I could be more active. You are doing so great. Keep that up.

    I am staying on the move by doing low impact fitness exercise classes and water aerobics at least 3 days a week. This week I got in four days. That's eight classes. I will be able to do that next week also. Then I have to go back to three days per week because the class is really only offered three times per week. Well I lost at least 1 lb. I know. But it did show one day 2 lbs. I know that I am holding water. So, I will need to get rid of extra water and then see. I am so glad the scales did not go up. I am happy that I met my goal to make the four days of the two exercise classes. I stayed on track with calorie count also. So, my week was ready great.

    We will be back in touch next week. Wishing you the best for the week-end.

    Hugs, Judy
    1843 days ago
    Wow, sounds like you're great on track right now! Keep it up! I've also found that eating a small bite a short time before exercise helps me. I like apples though instead of bananas, I'm not sure why, I just feel like I can still taste the banane while I exercise. No good! :-)

    Have a great weekend!
    1843 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Nice job with Zumba and getting more sleep! Have a wonderful weekend!
    1843 days ago
    1843 days ago
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