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Freezing rain? Blech!

Friday, February 08, 2013

I didn't go to the gym today. It was pouring down freezing rain when I was getting ready. Freezing rain is my least favorite weather, so I stayed indoors, except for short walks with the dog. It has switched over to snow now, which is better, but the sidewalks are slick. I did not give up on my fitness for the day though. No sir! I got on the rower for 96 minutes, and burned a ton of calories that way. I also did two short SP videos, 100 jumping jacks (so far... and yes, I did them all at once which was a goal of mine from last month!), 100 pushups. 100 squats, and three 30 second planks. I am going to try and do sit-ups in a little while. but I have scar tissue on my tailbone from past surgeries and the scar has been sore for the last few days, so my sit ups may turn into crunches, as crunches don't irritate the scar.

I am hoping we get more snow today. I want to go snowshoeing tomorrow. The weather doesn't look like it will be deadly cold, so conditions should be good for it. I was a wimp last week and didn't go, as I was too cold. We have a Winter Storm Warning in effect, but it doesn't look like we will get hit too hard. I hope that is true, as I have plans for my regular routine tomorrow. Farmer's Market with one brother in the morning, lunch with my parents, then snowshoeing with my other brother after lunch.

I am not hungry today. Don't know what is up with that. I SHOULD be hungry. I had a light breakfast and a light lunch, and it is time for a snack, but nothing looks good to me. Maybe I am just too picky? I have to eat something though, as my hands are getting shaky.
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