Three Things: 2/8/13

Friday, February 08, 2013

Intro: I have too much stuff, including pounds. I think they're related. This is my blog about getting rid of excess, three things at a time.


1. Re-purposing counts as progress, not an excuse (my game, my rules). See the 4 little silver boxes? I bought them (yes, BOUGHT, empty boxes) thinking they would be so cute for when I give someone a tiny present.


Upon honest reflection, when I give a tiny present, it usually has its own pretty, tiny little box, right?

This year, the kids decided they wanted to change the Christmas Tree.
The storage containers dedicated to garland, table runners, lights, candles, tree skirts and countless sentimental macaroni-ornaments would no doubt qualify for their own holiday edition of Three Things. We're talking 25 years of accumulated festivity here -- and I love red. I think Christmas is best represented by deep evergreens and rich reds.

(I'm not saying it's an elegant tree, but YOU take green-glitter-paper-pickles and "make it work.")

I told my 21 and 18 year old, if you want it to change, you do it. On a BUDGET. That thing they don't consider when they shop for clothes, food and entertainment. You want to rip your mother's heart out, don't spend her money to do it (I kid. Or not). Go to Walmart. Sears. Consignment stores. If Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters makes ornaments I don't want to know about it.

They ransacked our storage containers for existing ornaments that would fit their vision.
They spent $33 on new things (including replacing broken lights) to finish it off.

(cue Burl Ives music...)

Silver and Gold.
And I didn't have to do a thing.
So back to the little boxes. They would have worked beautifully on the tree, but they sat in a box under the bed.

Result? They are tucked into the Christmas ornaments box, ready for next year. Provided "silver and gold" repeats itself (though I heard rumor of purple and pink...).

2. Compact with teeny-tiny shadows, teeny-tiny lip glosses and teeny-tiny blush. I spied it while waiting in line at Sephora and couldn't resist it. That should be my new rule: once I get in line, that's ALL. Anything else would have to be an impulse buy, something I don't need. Besides, only one color looks good, and I dislike lip gloss (hair gets caught in it).

Result? For sanitary reasons, thrown away (lip gloss is "wet" so not a good idea).

3. The thing that looks like a miniature elephant done in the Futurism style? It's called a nap-zapper. While driving, you hook it on your ear, and when your head nods forward, it sounds an alarm. First, I know enough that when you're that tired, you stop driving. Second, it only sort of works, giving one a false sense of security -- if you define security as a high-pitched noise going off in your ear, jerking you back into consciousness. Third, my commute is FIVE minutes. I got the thing in an at-work under-$5 gift exchange.

Result? Thrown away. The world is safer for it.

Keeper of the Day:

As I've said, I like me the zombies.
I love this little statue because my then-12-year-old son saved up his arcade tickets and got it for me (so sweet!). I love it because I am a bit addicted to my laptop, but most of all, I love having it on my desk as a reminder that sitting too long will drive me to an early grave.

Speaking of which, time to go run.
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    Good job. Ya know, those little boxes could be filled with a "goodie" then stuck in someones stocking, do you make stockings for your growd up kids still. Or they could be filled and hung on the tree for one of them to "steal"...
    1744 days ago
    Kinda weirded out by the Harry Potter book behind the zombie looking as if it's titled "Lately Fallows". Never noticed the dissipating "H" before.
    1744 days ago
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