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Spun out is not good

Friday, February 08, 2013

Why did I have to go and take all of those drugs...and stay up all night in that smokey bar drinking...and smoking?

emoticon wasn't me...nope...I don't do drugs, go to bars, smoke or even drink all that much. I only FEEL like I did all of those things! Spun out, hung over and dehydrated. That is how I feel!

Things are NOT on an even keel for me! Among other things, several days ago Patrick dropped a small coffee creamer on the stove top in the house we rent and it cracked the ceramic surface. We called the realtor to let him know and ask what steps we should take. He later told us that the owner of the home...I will call him "Mr. Crabby Pants" got all upset at us and wanted to go shopping for a brand new stove and have us pay for it. Keep in mind, this stove is so old that when we called to have the stove repaired they told us that parts for the stove no longer existed. Technically the stove still works it is just cracked. Yesterday I took over "negotiations" with the realtor since it was making Patrick so angry each time he spoke of it on the phone it was like I was living with a sailor! We found a refurbished ceramic topped stove from 2010 that we were willing to have put in the apartment and finally "Mr. Crabby Pants" agreed to it although we still feel like he will see it and not like it when we move out because it is not the exact same model as his crappy old stove. It was a day of phone calls and pacing around being all worked up...PLUS he is mean and I KNOW he is going to try to get us to pay for stuff when we move out. Yesterday we scraped and repainted stuff around the house. I have NEVER had to do that for any other landlord! I am DREADING the walk though.

Last night we attended "Nighttime Driving Class". The lecture part was all in Norwegian. I often times know what people are talking about but not really the specifics of what they are saying when I am listening to Norsk. When children are talking I even kind of know more of the specifics since I live with two of them. This lulled me into a false sense of security walking into the class thinking I would be able to understand more. The thing is... the instructor did not talk at all about Legos, Barbie or Justin Beiber so I was at pretty much a complete loss! This is what I got out of it..."Thank you for coming. blahblah blah. blah Lights blah blah blah This man has on a black jacket blah blah blah Reflector vests are very good blah blah Lights blah road 100meter blah blah blah" and on and on like that until I was no longer even trying to get a sliver of what he was saying.

The driving part was better because my group had English speakers, except for the stinky guy next to me in the car. He smoked, like most of the other people in class, every chance he had when we got out of the car for a demonstration and then when I was crammed in next to him I felt like it transferred over to me. He was also very clever and smart and always knew more than me. Always...much much more. Very smart...yes he was very smart and we were all to know it!

The class ran really late and then we got in the wrong train for some reason and had to go back and ended up picking up the kids at 10pm from the next door neighbors. I felt so bad for keeping them up but it was what it was. Both Patrick and I collapsed into bed, tired. poorer and wreaking of smoke. The thing is we didn't actually smell like me we kept smelling each other 'cause we felt so crazy about was our minds not being able to let go of the awful smell from that guy. Today my mind even smells if faintly. We both felt the same way. Wrung out, drugged and completely not normal!

Today? Today we went over our financial reality and just about ended in a heap on the floor! It is all about this driving stuff. We had set money aside for the move and for things we would need in the new place but it is all being sucked away by these driving classes. We figured out today that not including the actual cars we will buy we will be spending 50,000 krone...that is about 9000 USD!!!! Goodbye money for things the house will need...goodbye any saved vacation money ....goodbye any good feeling we were having about almost anything! It really goes back to that old Swedish saying "Stupid Norway"!

Something has got to give. Mr. Crabby Pants was lurking around outside just now pretending to shovel snow...he NEVER does that...I think he is trying to get a peek inside the kitchen window at the new stove...if he wasn't such a jerk I would just invite him in! The silliness of paying about 650 UDS for sitting though a class we didn't understand is not sitting well with me...neither is the lingering smell of smoke that my brain can't let go of...or the idea that I truly did not grasp how expensive and difficult this whole driving thing would be. It is all more than a little unsettling. I am glad we still have over a week to get things in order because today I just feel like staring out the window and eating cheese.

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    The smoke smell didn't just get into your brain, it got into your lungs and system. Anytime I'm around smokers, my sinuses and lungs give me fits the next day and I feel sluggish. You and Patrick have highly developed senses of smell, so it makes sense that you'd notice it much more and for longer.

    Crazy amounts of Money! WOW! I'm so sorry - wish I had a magic wand to wave and make it better!
    1866 days ago
    Oh, Ronna, I just want to give you a emoticon and a new landlord, and better driving class companions, and driving lessons (I love driving), and a new car! emoticon If only I were Monty Hall...(or Arsenio Hall, or whoever is doing those game shows now...)
    1866 days ago
    emoticon Cheese has healthy fats and calcium. I recommend a glass of wine emoticon as a complement and to add a bit of reservatol. An apple will round things out nicely. Good luck! emoticon Maybe another glass of wine, just to be sure. ;)
    1866 days ago
    Life is hard - then you have more of the same poop..... Things that memories are made of ..
    I am pleased you are sharing your transitional personal thoughts - it helps to root the truth about living in another "exotic " country.
    You have friends - it will all work out. Years later you will look back at this time and smile.
    1866 days ago
    With humor and flair, you give us a big peek into your world. So good and yet I am so sorry it is so unsettling. BTW, what unnerves people who want to believe the worst is to invite them in and do full disclosure. Perhaps he thinks that Americans are unclean and dishonest :)

    BUT despite all this, you will find a way to maneuver through the inevitable adjustments of this new place. EVERY new place feels unnerving, but it does get easier. I too am on a complete austerity life style right now, hubby and I hope things get better, but we are making it and we are grateful.

    Hang in there in friend!
    1866 days ago
    My Crabby pants is certainly earning his reputation. Some people are just plain mean as well as greedy. Want to know what's in it for themselves. It's a wonder anyone rents his property at all with that kind of attitude.

    After your last few days, it's not a wonder you feel hung over. it's been a stressful time for you and Patrick. Hopefully, once you've moved, everything will settle down. I'm really surprized at how expensive Norway is. I thought they were supposed to have one of the highest standards of living in Europe. People have to be rich to afford those kinds of driving costs ! sheesh....

    Hope you feel better !! Hope Mr Crabby Pants is a lot less crabby or at least a little less nosy.


    1866 days ago
    Yikes, what a mess. I HATE that hung over feeling especially when you no fun to begin with. I am so very hopeful that it will all work out to the best. Easy for me to say but you may need to remind yourself of the people you were working for and the new people that are willing to assist you with transportation and so whatever they can to help. You need to accept that help, you know. It is ok. You are human and your entire family is going through a significant change. Change good or bad is a huge stressor. You are however, doing it and that is HUGE! I owuld have lost my mind long ago with the language issue long ago, not to mention all the hoops you have to jump through every which way you turn. You are doing fantastic! You will make it through this long dark tunnel. I have faith in your and your family.
    1866 days ago
    Sorry things have gotten so complicated. I just wish you could move tomorrow and leave driving and the crabby landlord behind.
    1866 days ago
    Well, thank goodness you'll shortly be rid of him! He sounds like a complete jerk.

    I'm so sorry things are this bad for you right now. I wish I could do anything to help.
    1866 days ago
    Oh, Ronna, I am so sorry things are not going well. I remember you talking about "Mr. Crabby Pants" before. He does NOT sound like the kind of landlord anyone would want! Hopefully, your new one in Aalesund will be nicer. I can't even imagine how frustrating it all must be. I'm glad you're taking time to blog/vent to maybe get some of it out. Please remember we are here. (I've been kind of on and off getting onto SP, but hope to be better now.) Hope your weekend is better.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1867 days ago
    Oh man, that is definitely not good. Have a glass of wine.

    It will all work out in the end, but I'm sure that unexpected expenditure will hurt. Sorry. :(

    Driving licenses get people here, too. If you don't have a license from certain countries (i.e., "western" countries plus South Africa), you have to take classes and exams. Almost nobody passes the exams the first few times. And if you have a license from an approved country, but your passport is from a different country, it doesn't count, and you have to take the classes. I think people end up spending a lot of money on classes, exams and bribes for the instructors/examiners - but surely not as much as you're spending.

    Hang in there...
    1867 days ago
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