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How my favorite dog and I handle being sick

Friday, February 08, 2013

Me: I feel horrible! (it's just a cold)
Dog: I don't have as much energy today. Will go sleep some more.

Me: What can I do to feel better? Maybe eat? Nothing tastes good. This is so annoying. I don't even have the energy to make myself feel better by going shopping. emoticon
Dog: I'll feel better after another nap.

Me: I wish I didn't have to do any work today.
Dog: I'm just going to stay in bed today and let the other dogs handle the emergencies (like barking at passerbys).

Me: I don't feel like exercising at all but then I'll lose all the benefits I've worked so hard to get.
Dog: I don't feel like moving around a whole lot. There is always time for that after some more rest. Maybe next week. In the meantime I'll dream about running through the fields and playing with my buddies.

Me: Why doesn't someone care enough to make me breakfast and serve me in bed? Do I have to do everything myself around here?
Dog: Why doesn't someone care enough to make me breakfast and serve me in bed? I guess I better check the kitchen counters.

Me: I'll die if I don't get better really soon!
Dog: Snore...

Me: Where are the drugs? Who said I don't like to take pills?
Dog: Give me a nice belly rub and a warm body to snuggle up against.

Me: Finally, the drugs are working! I'm human! There is a purpose to life! The world is not all evil! How come I didn't see that before?
It's going to be a beautiful day!
Dog: I smell the air, so many messages, got to get our there and read them all. It's going to be a beautiful day! Maybe I'll catch some mice on our walk.

I hope you are planning on having a beautiful day, even if times are hard sometimes.

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