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Friday, February 08, 2013

Hello to all of my Sparkling People!

Wow! Things have been so busy in my world since the beginning of the New Year. So much is happening in my life. Plenty of stress and some things that I can't say if they're "good" or "bad" yet, although most of that really is just a matter of perspective. Whatever is happening right now involves a lot of changes. (No, I'm not pregnant! --Or in menopause, thank you very much! Hey, we're not on The View!*) I'm learning to ride out the stress without letting it be too disruptive in my life. I'm not stress-eating nearly to the extent that I did before finding SparkPeople. So, I've been thinkin'.... How do y'all (no, I'm not moving to the South, either, it's just such a handy little contraction) deal with change, in general and the inevitable stress that tends to come along with it?

So, here it is.... My sparklin' new latest poll question:

Since I started Sparkin', I've learned to manage stress and not let it affect what I eat....

A. Yes, I've mastered it!

B. Yes, for the most part.

C. Meh... maybe a little.

D. No, I still eat like the Cookie Monster.

E. I wasn't a stress-eater before I found SparkPeople.

F. Something else describes me better.... (Do tell!)

Have a Super-Sparkly Weekend! (Yeah, I'm still not tired of that commercial.)

: )

*No disrespect to the ladies of The View. I only made this comment because comedians have quipped that it's their favorite topic. I rather enjoy The View, myself.

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