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Friday, February 08, 2013

Haha I definitely think I've become a sushi addict. I've only been eating the stuff for a week and I'm chowing down on it whenever I get the chance. A friend took me and another friend out last night where we gobbled up crab rolls, spicy tuna, yellow tail, salmon, Philly rolls, Manhattan rolls, and a few more specialties. I even had spicy crab rolls for lunch today and then smoked salmon rolls for dinner. Haha the good news is I think I'm ready for a break - I know my wallet definitely is! At least it's a good, healthy thing to be eating! Better than craving potato chips and chocolate, is all I'm saying.

The other day I literally went from 190.6 to 188.6 overnight. I'm waiting a few days for The Week That Doesn't Count to end to see if it's for real. If it is, that would be AMAZING!!! I've been struggling just to get into the 180s, and if so I think I'd be back on track. In my enthusiasm I'm actually right at the LOWER end of my calorie range today! Haha I can't remember the last time that happened! Most of the time I hit between 900-1100 calories when I get home from work at night, I think, "Why not have a few hundred calorie snack?" Then, BOOM, top of my range or more. It's a habit I really need to get out of. A gateway to over-snacking, that is.

I'm really proud of myself for my food choices lately, even if it's more money than I want to be spending. In the past week I've only had fast food twice, and the only other "eating out" I've done have been healthy choices like sushi and vegetables. I haven't visited my favorite haunts (Panda Express, Taco Delite, Chipotle) in quite a long time, and it's nice not feeling like slave to the outrageous cravings.

In other news, I'm doing my best to get this work week to a good start. Yesterday was my Monday, and apparently things got overloaded and full of drama at work. so today was all about desperately trying to catch up. I liked it because it meant more work for me and the time going by quickly. What I didn't like is they finally have me answering patient phone calls, which I have a lot of anxiety about thanks to my previous customer service job. Hopefully I don't crash and burn on it! Even though it will be amazingly difficult, I want to try and enrich my work week with more than just work and sleep. I want to finish the dream board I talked about in my previous blog post, and maybe even try to engage in some social things. I've been really wanting to go to some museums but can't get anyone to go with me - I just need to learn to enjoy outings like that on my own.

Now's the time to make little tiny steps of progress.

Here's hoping everyone out there is having a great start to their weekend!
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    Sushi is awwwwwesome. My parents think I'm nuts, but I absolutely adore it. It took a long time for me to get to where I loved it and was willing to try new rolls. I think my favorites are spider rolls, a jubilee roll (my local place - chicken, tempura on the inside, crab on top), rock n roll (salmon, avocado, cream cheese), and some fried rolls here and there.

    Those are all pretty high calorie ones, but I only eat sushi once a week with B, so I allow myself the splurge. If I were to do sushi any other day, I would pick some healthier rolls like rainbow, salmon/avocado, and california rolls. I also will get some miso soup beforehand and order only 1-2 rolls. And I always use the low-sodium soy sauce.

    As long as the large amount of rice (carbs) doesn't cause any issues then I say this is a great option for healthy eating. A little expensive, lol, but still pretty healthy. I do have PCOS though so I really have to watch how much rice I eat. Yet another reason I keep it to once a week!
    1840 days ago
    I recently found a taste for sushi. I wish that eating the right amount of calories would guarantee a steady weight loss. I can keep it up, but it gets frustrating sometimes when the scale does not cooperate.
    1840 days ago
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