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Warning : this is a rant

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I'm tired. I'm tired, I'm frustrated and a whole lot of other thigs I'm having trouble putting in words. I had another doctor appt today. At the ultrasound about a week ago, baby was measuring 3lb, 11 oz. supposedly on the big side for his age, but not overly big. Ok. So the high risk dr wanted me to get a blood test for gestational diabetes since I can't so the traditional 3 hour sugar test, due to my constantly Needing to eat about ever 2-3 hours most of the time.
So I go to the ob-gyn today. She says the test is inaccurate when you're pregnant which is why they wanted to do the other one. She's also unhappy cause I have lost 4 lbs. I had a bad bought with the morning sickness the last few weeks, but I've still been eating in my calorie range 90% of the time. I'm also eating when baby or I feel hungry. (Or what passes for that now; it's changed since I got pregnant.) so instead of the test the other doc wants, she's sending me to a diatician who will treat me as tho I am diabetic - when the obgyn says she doesn't think I am as my first test was only 2 points high- and have me do my own blood tests.
I also don't understand how she expects me to GAIN weight when I'm eating in the parameters she gave me; I got the weight I am by eating over 3,000 calories a day. I can't wait for baby to be born; I HATE dealing with doctors so much; they never explain things, even when you ask them.
Ok. Enough ranting. Thanks for lists ing everyone. Have. A good night.
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    Why things are always so complicated no idea. Not to much longer right and the baby will be here you can do it.
    1810 days ago
    You are almost done. You can do this.
    1810 days ago
    Doctors can be such a pain in the butt, especially if you have more than one & they're telling you different things. Just sit down, relax & breathe. emoticon
    1810 days ago
    My heart goes out to you! You can rant on here all you want! Feel free to tell us how things are.

    I am a granny now, but a long time ago when i had my first baby. I was starving all the time. I ate and ate. But at the end of my time, I had a big baby. I am only 5ft tall and he was 9st 8lb (134lb)
    My tummy stretch marks were bleeding the week before he was born. They had done glucose tests but no sign of gestational diabetes. The midwife said he was a big boy and I probably needed the extra food. She said he had signs that he was premature when he was born. I hate to think what size he would have been full term.

    Maybe you are going to have a big bouncy baby. As long as you are getting all the nutrients you need and not eating junk I am sure you will be OK. Listen to your body! I got a taste for meat which I had never liked before. Casserole of vegetables and meat was my craving.

    I did not have any problem losing weight after the birth. Eat for baby, diet tomorrow.

    I am diabetic type 2 now! LOL!

    Good luck with the birth, I never suffered sickness, but my dear daughter did and it was hell. She found ginger in food helped. But everyone is different.

    A baby is so wonderful!Brings so much joy! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Take care emoticon Ellen
    1810 days ago
    Maybe dietician will give you the answers you've been looking for!
    1811 days ago
    Maybe take a couple of weeks of your Sparkpeople food logs with you to the dietician. If she sees that you're getting sufficient nourishment for both of you, she may convince your doc to relax a bit about your weight. Bummer about the blood sugar testing, but if it nets you a healthier baby (and you!) in a few weeks, it'll be worth it, right?

    Hang in there! :)
    1811 days ago
  • -BENI-
    Your ranting is fair.
    I don't understand. Where do these "rules" come from? It's like EVERYONE says eat breakfast. I cannot eat breakfast. Where does it say all gazillion people in the world are the same and should eat breakfast?
    Where does it say half of a gazillion women should gain a certain amount when pregnant? My girlfriend had gestational diabetes. She had to be careful what she ate and have rest but she was fine. Her THREE children are fine.
    Try not to stress yourself. That if anything can upset your system. There are no rules, do what you should do to have a healthy baby and healthy body for you. Don't worry about the "rules"
    Good luck to you! How wonderful for you. emoticon
    1811 days ago
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