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Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Calendar

So, yesterday I went out and brought a huge calendar, and as soon as my husband saw it he had to have it for his side of the bedroom. I had plans for that calendar, but I let him get away with it and place it on his side of the room. Iíll share the bed with him, Iíll share a bedroom, bathroom, and maybe even a drawer with him, but I will not share a calendar with him Ėnot when itís pertains to my weight loss goals and other up and coming plans.

So, I went out and spent another 2.11 and got one. Its mines and I donít mean to sound like a ďkidĒ but it belongs to me, and Iím not sharing and he better not write on it with his chicken scratch. This is my personal calendar, and I plan on using it to finish what I started last year, and thatís lose weight, get into great shape, and to keep on feeling good about myself. I want this calendar to mark every milestone in my life, and I want to celebrate life and live it to the fullest.

You would think I would share the same calendar with him, but hey sometimes we need our own space, and I need mines. Sometimes we have to think about ourselves, and Iím thinking about me this time around, and I was somewhat happy that he was happy about my calendar, but I didnít expect him to take it for himself. I couldnít draw the line, I just went on and let him have it, but it was on my mind all night how I let my calendar get away. I had plans for that calendar, I wanted to use it as my strong focal point on what I need to be doing.

I mean, how can you do ďsmartĒ goals or any kind of goals when you donít have a great tracking system into place. Opening up a note book is one thing, but to have it in front of your face so you can see it daily will help you along the way. And at this rate ĖI believe I need all the help I can get. My husband was like. We could have shared. NO! We canít share when it comes to what I have planned for that calendar. I mean, I can still use that one, but hey. I wanted it for myself. No sharing at all. I donít mean to sound like a kid, but he was putting a damper on my plans, and I donít want anyone to dampen or derail my plans.

So, tonight Iím going to turn to the month of February and get started with my plans. Rush over to May and pencil in the concert, and I do have my tickets, and Iím so happy about that. Iím going to add in my target weights I wish to reach at the end of each month, and stay motivated and dedicated to what I want in my life.

Thatís all folks.
Thanks for reading my blog. Hate that I sound like a kid, but it was mines first, and somehow I let my guard down and let it become ďours=hisĒ when in a round about way it felt more so his after he placed it on his side of the bedroom.

Hehe! This became a vent, but I'm so sorry. I just hate it when people take my stuff, or help themselves to it.

Good night.
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