"What do you want me to fill it with?"

Thursday, February 07, 2013

In nearly 8 years, probably the most flabbergasting thing C has ever said to me was said last night.

I was getting ready for Zumba class, running late and already kinda peeved at him because one of the pets vomited all over (my side of!) the bed and he had yet to strip the bed or wash the bedding... Who needs to be told to do that? Rrrg. His defense was that he left it alone in case I wanted to see it, knowing that I have an animal medical background and might be able to tell who / what, etc. Which makes sense in retrospect, kind of, but at the time I was highly annoyed.

Anyway, so I hop in the bathroom and put my hair up. I ask C, "Hey, will you fill up my green alligator water bottle?"

First, he can't find it.

"It's right on the table! By the fruit bowl."

He still can't find it, but I have to wee, so, "Seriously, it's little, it's bright green, big yellow cap, right by the fruit bowl on the left side of the table!"

Oh, there it is.

And then he brings it to the bathroom door, looks at me and asks:

"What do you want me to fill it with?"


... ...

I honestly had no response for this. "What do you want me to fill it with?" I seriously. could not. comprehend the question. Eventually, my friend Paula who was standing there laughing her butt off goes, "Um. Water." But he waits for me to confirm that before actually going to do it.

Sometimes I really want to know what's going on in his head. I really, really do. What universe exists in which you don't know what to fill a WATERbottle with? To make it worse, we don't keep sports drinks in the house in the winter - we don't have any juice - we don't have any soda - I don't even have any MILK. WHAT ELSE COULD I POSSIBLY HAVE WANTED?


I do love him, really. But c'mon now.

Yesterday went great otherwise, especially nutritionally speaking. I was in range and I got in a SUPER good workout at Zumba. I was worn out! We didn't have much of a cool down, though, so I chose to walk the 10 minutes home and get in a few more fitness minutes. I also only tracked 50 out of the 60 minutes of class because there's about 30-60 seconds of standing around between songs. I try to side step, knee lift or walk in place for that pause, but still. I don't want to over-estimate my burn.

January was a ramp-up month, recovering from the lazies that struck me down over the holidays and getting back into a routine. I feel like February has been really successful thus far, even though I've only lost 1/2 a pound. Sometimes I feel like my goal is soooooooo far away, but I still have 4.5 months to reach it. I just have to stay on track!
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    Hahahahahaha!! Oh, man, am I smiling! That is such a guy thing to do and say. Andy is like that too -- complete tunnel vision. He will open the refrigerator and ask "Where's the ketchup?" without moving anything around in there to check, while I am upstairs in the bedroom or something.

    I gotta give him props to the not cleaning up the vomit philosophy -- kind of complimenting you in a way that explains his logic for leaving it sit (aka allowing him to not clean it!). That's like someone saying, "You are so good with people, would you mind explaining to so-and-so why that behavior isn't tolerated in the office?" (Yeah, I've heard that one already!)
    1840 days ago
    I really needed to read this tonight to know I'm not alone - it's called "man-eyes" and Brad has a horrendous case of it!

    You are doing so great!!
    1840 days ago
  • NEWSGIRL2177
    OMG, our husbands are alike! A year ago, 2 days before my cat died, he peed on my side of the bed. My husband saw it and instead of stripping the sheets and cleaning it up, THREW THE DOWN COMFORTER OVER IT and then went to work! Oh joy, now EVERYTHING smells horrible. Good job.

    I know I've had the same water conversation, too. It truly boggles the mind. Thanks for the laugh though!

    1841 days ago
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