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Weight Watchers Day 3!!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Today is a good day! I'm feeling a lot better! I'm not as hungry today, I'm happy for myself with things that I'm learning, and I'm filled with hope. Things seem to be falling into place this week.

I stopped at the grocery store last night and picked up a lot more fruit and some veggies, and a few foods I normally avoid, like bread (gasp!) and coffee cake (weight watchers brand, hehe). I kinda had a ball though, going up and down aisles with my points plus calculator, looking up how many points different things were. I had fun with it. I also did some more studying of my little handbook and took a look at things like the difference between whole egg points vs egg white points (1 whole egg is 3 pts and 3 egg whites is only 1 point!!). What I am really proud of myself for yesterday though is that while planning for today, I had to repack my lunch when I remembered that it's my Aunt's Birthday and we will be having a special birthday dinner and cake. So I swapped out my lunch that would have been 13 points (a frozen thing that I bought before WW) for a really yummy meal that is only 4 points. So now I have a lot more points reserved for tonight! I love how easy it is to only have to track points, instead of studying levels of carbs, fat, protein, and calories.

Another thing I was proud of was how I handled the situation of going over my daily points yesterday. I have a goal of not wanting to dip into my weekly allowance for my first week. Last night at the grocery store I bought some weight watchers coffee cakes, and I ate one on the way home (my little ritual that I would prefer not to give up is I always eat a treat on the way home from the grocery store. Not necessarily a bad treat - if they have a fruit or something I really like that is in season for the first time that year or shipped in from somewhere I get them too - but it's just something that I'm really looking forward to eating and I eat it on my way home). The coffee cake is worth 3 points, and I only had 7 left for dinner, on purpose, because I knew what we were eating. I just figured I would eat more veggies and cut out something else at dinner, but I ended uup eating too many points at dinner anyway. When I saw that I had gone over my daily points by 2 points I was disappointed... but THEN I remembered I can earn activity points! I had already earned 1 point in the grocery store with all the extra walking around I did (on purpose), so then I stopped what I was doing and earned a second point! Then I could erase my weekly points from my tracker and I'm clear again! Woo hoo!

More importantly than not dipping into my weekly allowance when I didn't need to, was my mentality. I didn't feel like I HAVE to do it, I didn't feel like it was the end of the world if I didn't or my day was ruined if I didn't... I WANTED to. That's a big thing. Replacing the feeling of "having" to do something diet related with "wanting" to do it. That is what's going to play a role in making this stick, and work.

I did break down on one area though. I really wanted to try to not weigh myself at all and be surprised at my first weigh in. But I was so curious. I wanted to know if my body wasn't getting enough, or if eating all the fruit was bad since so many other diets tell you fruit is bad and restrict them, or if it was even working for me considering what I was eating. I had to know! I couldn't help myself! lol. So I stepped on the scale right after my shower (so I had wet hair) and I had just finished eating maybe an hour before so I still had food and water in my stomach, and all I wanted to see was a decrease. Some sort of decrease. I also was keeping in mind that I was fully clothed when I weighed in at my first meeting, and wasn't last night. So I stepped on the scale... and was down 3LBS. I was happy. Then I stepped on it again this morning... dry hair, stomach empty.... 5LBS.

I guess it's working... emoticon emoticon emoticon

I know there are a lot of factors when it comes to a scale. I'm not rating my success on what the scale says. But the truth is that knowing that it's working really helped motivate me to keep going, to keep pushing forward, helped to strengthen my resolve, feel more dedicated, etc. I have proof now - it works. and it's healthy. So why stop?

One last quick note - my week just cleared up, which I'm really happy about. Originally this was going to be a tough week for me, and I hated the thought of that for my first week. I wanted a week to explore and try things out, not challenge me right away and potentially effect my weight loss and development of habits. Friday night was supposed to be a crazy night out with friends (we go out every Friday, but this week was a special event), Saturday was a family birthday party for my twin Aunt's, and Sunday was going to a friends house for some of her home made yumminess. Thanks to this big snowstorm Friday night had to be rescheduled, the family party is being moved out to March, and I'm not sure what will happen on Sunday, but at least it will only be 1 challenge to deal with instead of all 3 (plus the birthday dinner and cake for one of the twins that I live with). I'm glad things are spaced out now and more managable. It will give me time to continue getting used to WW and working with the flexibility of the plan.

All in all, I'm a happy girl right now.

I hope you're all having a Spark-tastic Day!!! All my East coast sparkers, stay safe! This is going to be a bad storm!

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