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Ruminations on pizza, drinks, and screaming yeast

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I've been making some of my diet choices stick for a awhile now. I seem to do well with constantly returning to the effort even after I make mistakes. Take tomatoes for instance, I absolutely love them and everything that is made by them. But when I eat them I very definitely get a flare up in my psoriasis on my hands and feet. Same with peppers. So I've gotten to the point now where I don't crave them and I avoid using them.

My digressions off the path are usually something along the lines of pizza. I keep trying different ways to make pizza without red sauce, I can only handle the creamy garlic white sauce only once in awhile. I've learned to use simply olive oil instead of tomato sauce, and load up on the veggies, with meat and cheese. If I had only myself to please this would be great. My problem is nobody else likes it and so the requisite red pies make their ways into my home on a regular basis. It is very hard to say no to a pizza. If I had my way I'd stop buying them, but everybody else wants them, so there you have it. But I am working on that problem by trying not to allow the eat more than you need because it's so delicious effect that pizza has. Pizza is just plain a losing proposition. It takes like two days to get over the effects of eating it according to my digestion and even longer with my psoriasis. So I'm trying to limit having it and when I do, try to have less and be happy. Pizza is my biggest fail.

I've tried eliminating gluten from my diet. It is very hard to do, to figure out how to substitute and be happy about it. And to just plain figure what to do instead. However I do know that I did benefit by it and felt really good results. So I'm trying now to lean more and more to that direction all the time. This is a cooking lifestyle change and has to be learned, you can't really do it cold turkey unless someone else who knows how to do it is preparing everything for you.

I'm also watching out for High Fructose Corn Syrup after watching the University of Southern California video about how truly bad for your body it is. Truly a poison on par with alcohol. Even regular sugar is better for you. I'm trying to avoid sugars where I can, and one way that helps me is to take a Candida eliminating supplement. I had read a number of different books and blogs that dealt with the Candida issue but I really didn't quite believe it until I decided to try it on a whim as I stood there in the supplement store. Wow I was shocked. I saw it leave my body through eliminations, and was amazed about how it immediately affected my hunger pains and cravings for sugar. It also seemed to make my abdomen much less puffy.

I also think it has helped me stop drinking alcohol and be ok with that. Sure I've been successful before about stopping drinking but I would always get the occasional urge to try some more. Then if I did have some it would make me want more. Then I'd be hooked again for awhile and it was always difficult to not want it. Previous forays into quitting made me realize that the main reason I drank was because I was really thirsty. I used to work at a job where I was so busy that I was unable to take water breaks and wasn't allowed to keep it at my work station. I'd come home absolutely dehydrated and stressed out, and faced with having to create a meal and face a diabetic husband who refused to fix his blood sugar problems with food until he ate dinner, and of course after he had his drinks too. So a nice ice cold tall drink was always such sweet relief and I enjoyed the taste. That was me at my worse. Daily drinking is not good for you. Thankfully that was years ago now. Now I don't have to get so dehydrated over the course of the day.

I just had to get rid of that occasional (or daily) desire to taste that drink. And that is what killing Candida has done for that. It stops the desire for alcohol. Alcohol is fermented sugar. Sugar is what Candida lives on, needs to flourish, and puts out hormonal signals to 'get more sugar' into your body. Candida lives in almost everyone's digestive tract, like 90% of the population. When it gets into an overgrowth situation is where and when it gets ugly and takes over your will power. It throws out all kinds of horrible toxins into your body and you wonder why you don't really feel so good as you used to. The cravings for sweets skyrocket, all those screaming little bacteria in your gut demanding more, more, more. KIll the yeast, kill the desire. And I mean really effectively. I can stare right at some sort of sweet treat and couldn't really care less about it. So now I don't desire alcohol and I don't drink.

This another important step that I need to follow with my psoriasis diet. I'm slowly but surely taking on all of my favorite bad for me but can't live without items and gaining control over them. This is hard for me. I want the long term lifestyle fix not a temporary diet trial. I have a lot of things I need to change permanently even in the face of temptation brought in my house by and for my family. It seems like I can only handle a big change maybe one or two at the same time and be effective at it. More than that and it gets difficult. But I need all the changes, so I kind of rotate things around on the priority list. But I feel now that some things are starting to stick without effort and I can do more things at the same time. To me this is progress, and I'm going to take it as a positive. I'm in the right direction.
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  • WILSON425
    I certainly know what you mean about the pizza. I am 52 and cannot ever remember saying "NO" to pizza. And I also love my beer. Another bad choice I know. I do not crave sugar. Give me a couple cold beers and some pizza any day over the sweets. The hard alcohol I do not care for. Best of luck to you as it sounds like you know the problem areas and are working at fixing them. emoticon
    1868 days ago
  • KITT52
    good luck
    1869 days ago
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