Thursday, February 07, 2013

I decided to experiment on myself, I can't do it on anyone else so that leaves me as my own test subject. I wanted to see if it was true about making a habit, I heard it take 12 days to make one or break one.
Well I did break one, smoking, did it take 12 days NOT it took a bit longer like 6 months to totally say I don't smoke and feel comfortable with it. I still crave one and I always will but it is so seldom, when I first quit lets just say it was a battle between the good and evil that sit on my shoulder day in and day and not to mention everywhere I looked people smoked, everyone smoked. The truth, I just wanted one so bad that everyone smoked they where teasing me ha ha you can't have one. Well I don't want one. Experiment one, completed on to experiment two.
Could I make a habit of walking everyday, well yes I can. I used to think walking was for the cave man, me walk oh no I have a car get with the 20th century here, I have come to realize walking is for your health and believe it or not enjoyment. I started with 20 min a day every day, it was a battle again I didn't want to had reasons not to till I gave myself a kick in the butt and said just do it. Why do I make excuses all the time lets see I can't go cause I am tired, have to go shopping ya like that takes the entire day. Excuse after excuse, no more I go and I go everyday this took about a month to become a habit and now that I actually like walking, I do an 1hr a day. I don't see it as exercise the one thing I hate doing, I think cause I now made it a habit it just come naturally to do it. You need to give it time to make it a habit and most of the time I quite before that time.
Now I have decided to make a new habit, started 4 days ago. I have a bad habit of eating at night, this is when I like to eat. Not so much through the day but at night, I feel like the movie FIGHT CLUB I’m beating the crap out of myself. I have the good and evil on my shoulders the good saying don't eat, don't put that cake in your mouth, you don't need it, it's not good for you. Of course here is Mr. Evil on the other side stronger than ever and what does he have to say “SHUT UP ALREADY” and while the two of them are in the ring battling it out I'm bent over in the fridge looking for the goods, I mean REALLY. Why is it so hard to just not eat, I know I am not hungry I ate like 5 min ago the food is still in my throat on the way down. It is a habit I created a habit to eat at night, every night and now I'm going to see if I can break it. I want to say, “sorry I don't eat at night” with out one bit of resentment or an urge just like I feel now about smoking, I have no resentment anymore or a continues urge and I want the same feeling with food.
Conclusion, YES you can make a habit or break a habit, in my case not 12 days. I will do it till I make it a habit if it take 30 days than I will battle it out for 30 days, it's like breaking a horse in, you got to do it till it's broke or you will never ride it.

Pick one thing to do and make it happen, do it till it happens and when you have completed your experiment start another one.

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    Oh so true. So many times we give up before the habit is made or broken. I am 3 months into being a non-smoker on February 12th, 2013.
    1833 days ago
    wow, you're brave!
    as for eating at night.. i'm with you on this one. just read an article (wellness, i think) about how to kick this one. keep hands busy! so i'm going to start painting easter eggs in the evenings instead of scourging the house of junk food.
    1836 days ago
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