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OMG - Losing weight is tiring and worrying

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Things are going great started again on Jan 2nd to date lost 24lbs and I am chuffed.

But I am working really hard at it - Ive got to for me its the only way - But i worry about the burden of the lifstyle I have currently adopted - I am frightened of burning out - I get concerned that I am becoming obsessed - I am worried that will I give up again when stress at work becomes too high - How do I ensure that I keep going however tired I get.

For those who have done it and lost large weight and kept it off how did you get past the obsession and make it the norm - make it what you are and what you do.

How and when does it become natural - When does not desperately wanting to eat and eat go away.

Or is the answer it never does and that I have to learn to accept that I am one of those people who will always have to be careful. I guess its that one

I just hope that once I reach my goal I can find a lifestyle that is not obsessed with what I eat and exercising.

Sorry If this is a bit of a downer just very tired and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel

Be happy - Kibs

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    Hi Kib--
    Wow!! You just got some excellent advice ............ It is amazing how each member has something significant to contribute .......... so hang in there ..........
    Here is one thing I do ................
    When I get my daily workout in ....... I record it .......... and then I am DONE!
    (until the next day) .........
    It's just like making your bed ............ After you do, walk away and don't give it another thought ..............
    It is a journey .......... and the best results will come as you make it fun ........ It can be
    and should be ................. No fair obsessing ............ and never beat yourself up cos you think you should be doing more or better ................
    Daily changes here and there all add up ................. Post daily on those teams/ threads/ listen to others in their blogs etc. and have a bloody good time! emoticon
    1837 days ago
    I think any time we start something new, that we like, we kind of over do it. The trick is to not let yourself overdo it to a point that you will quit.

    Like other posts here....I would encourage you to do what you are doing and know that at some point in the future you will mess up. But come back and keep plugging toward better...not perfect.

    Good luck. Slow and steady!
    1838 days ago
    Keep Sparking and do not look back! It is gone! What can you do today? right now?
    1838 days ago
    i get phases when i can lose, watch the intake and get a lot of output.
    then i get tired of it; sometimes i manage to keep the weight off for a while, then it starts creeping on again.
    back to square one... or worse....
    if i push hard, it pushes back all the harder, so you have to 'fool' your body.
    careful for withdrawal symptoms! go easy, go steady.
    now i'm going to eat a bit of my own advice!
    may the force be with you
    1839 days ago
    Hi Kibbs and congrads for doing the best possible thing: post your worries so you can get some support!! I haven't lost weight yet but I keep sticking around spark for the support and the education. I think if we just keep adding enough healthy habits, it will finally crowd the unhealthy ones out. Just keep doing little things, and adding more little things. Sooner or later the scales are going to tip in your favor, so to speak. =)
    1839 days ago
  • VCZK2TJ17
    well, Kibble, i haven't lost any significant weight (or any weight for that matter). however, it is my mind that i have to change and my thinking before any weight will come off. if i can't be kind to myself and accept that i will never look like those skinny women in the magazine or be the weight i want, then the weight will never stay off. as my DH told me last night "I want you to be happy with your weight and yourself.". i am moving in that direction, but it is a painfully slow process. so, my advice. go easy on yourself. don't do things that you can't keep up with for the rest of your life. small changes=HUGE improvements. i speak from experience. i haven't lost weight, but my weight on my shoulders regarding my acceptance of myself, good and bad, is slowly lifting. good luck with your journey.
    1839 days ago
    I spent most of my life in this struggle. Then, I focused on health, not weight. In that journey I focused on lifestyle, THEN the weight came off; very slowly but steadily. 1-2 pounds a month! I didn't diet but I did change my diet. As my weight came down I started counting calories but at maintenance, not at diet numbers. Maintenance for me is 1500-2000 calories a day. I can be comfortable with that if I'm making the right choices. It's like having a budget. If I don't want to be hungry, I spend carefully and my best buy is veggies! This is a lifestyle, I dont eat things I don't like. I don't eliminate things I do like; but I may not keep them in my house. I enjoy my trigger foods elsewhere and I NEVER eat mindlessly. I don't forbid anything but I count everything. I've done it so long it's no inconvenience. Love the life I have! I've learned to like things that are healthy choices. I've tried different activities and held on to the ones I enjoy. I build my activity into my days. If I can't do it for the rest of my life (I'm 71) it's not a practical pursuit! I do go to the gym but my primary activities are walking, yoga, hooping and gardening. I even do my housework with more gusto now that I view it as a fitness activity. If you are doing things that make youj miserable; don't give up. Do something else! Find things you enjoy and don't be in a hurry. " Will I do this the rest of my life?" is your measure. If not, you'lll get to try again, and again and again. The rewards are so worth it! emoticon
    1839 days ago
    To get rid of the overwhelming hunger and fatigue it is important that you 1)get enough sleep every day, 2) get the sugar out of your system 3) eat large quantities of fruits, veggies and lean protein and 4) exercise. The habits will form as you do this consistently. I wouldn't worry about becoming obsessed. That would actually be a good thing... right? Hugs to you, Rhonda
    1839 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    It is all about taking baby steps, creating new habits, and just following them.
    And, it is all about choices. I do not have any foods that are on my Can Never Eat list. But given the choice over a 1,000 calories burger and fries meal or a 600 calorie bowl of soup, sandwich, and large salad meal I will usually choose the one that is going to fill me up. Again, it really is all about choices.

    1839 days ago
    Change is uncomfortable no matter the reasons! It's difficult when those around you, (those skinny minnies!) eat everything and anything they want. I work in the yoga world. I believe I am the only over weight yoga instructor. I try to remember that this journey really is all about ME! I am worth it and so are you. When I face the "challenging" times, I take a breath, give myself a hug, and carry on. WE ARE WORTH IT! emoticon emoticon
    1839 days ago
    Not a downer at all, just you voicing a very real concern! We have to talk about these things if we hope to keep going for the long run!

    I have only been here for less than 4 months. Faithfully. I think that allowing myself to be obssessed in the beginning is what has carried me thus far. But, I am still too new to really answer this one for you.

    I see you are on several Sparkteams. I would suggest you start a thread on each of their message boards and pick their brains too! Or, if you are on Sparkcoach (or using their free trial), maybe email one of the coaches about this!

    Have faith. You've seen that this works for others. You are not different. You can be who you want to be. You are strong enough. Smart enough. You are doing awesome which shows you're dedicated. You'll have rough patches (like this worry) but there are also weeks when you will enjoy the journey more than you ever thought possible. Hang on. Just dedicate yourself to keep sparking through February. Spring is soon on it's way. Imagine getting out and doing things with the kids you enjoy this summer. It's SO close!

    I believe in you.
    1839 days ago
    I haven't lost the real big numbers but I've reached my goal. It has been a long and difficult journey and I realized it doesn't end at goal weight. It has to become a way of life. I have learned to accept that this is just something I have to keep doing. Your body does not store 'fit', you have to work at staying fit every single day. Some days you'll do more than on other days, but I don't think you can ever stop.

    Keep going, you can do it, and you are worth every single minute of it!
    1839 days ago
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