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Thursday, February 07, 2013

I think I might have overdone it a bit over the last days. I exercised every single day, doing one of my exercise videos plus often some other kind of cardio. It wasn't a burden or a must but absolutely a "want" yet my body felt a bit weak today and the legs wobbled... after lunch I felt so much better so I suppose my sugar level was pretty low. I skipped my rest day last week, which might be the reason why.

I'm still in the honeymoon phase of a healthy, binge-free, active lifestyle and hope that I won't overdo it completely. It is so easy to exercise though presently. It's summer, it's warm, it doesn't rain, it isn't as windy as it usually gets in Albany, so I'm out there, on my bike, on my roller blades, walking, running... no, cancel that last one, I haven't been running this year yet. Once it gets colder though, hmmmm... don't worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself.

I haven't had a binge in 37 days, and the weird thing is that I'm not even really counting. Nor have I had a real urge or craving to do so. Now and then I see my tracker and think: "WOW, cool" yet I'm not actively counting which is a good thing.

Aaaaaand, I've tried on one of my favorite jeans and it FITTED... okay, it's still a bit snug (I think it was always a bit on the tight side of life). Yet, I was able to pull it up and button it without having to lay down on the bed or anything, and the muffin tops are still there yet also diminished. I might pack the jeans away again, and try it when I'm down to 75kg... they did feel a bit uncomfortable after a while... and somehow I always manage to have a plumbers bum, which I don't really like.

I realized that I have to give the closer future a bit of a think-over... We have our Austrian friends coming in a couple days, then we will be up in Perth for my birthday... which happens to be on the day we're invited to a wedding. And the week after we have another friend (rather a friend of my husbands though) staying with us for 2 weeks... when it rains, it pours, doesn't it??? I need/want/should have/have to have a battle plan in place... and a battle plan B, yet I just love spontaneity and having my food-life planned out for the next month makes me feel trapped... so I suppose I need to create a flexible battle plan to prevent JABBA from butting it... and slackness/laziness with him.
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