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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Last night as I lay in bed I turned my head and I heard a noise like water in my ear and it felt like it was stuffed with cotton.
I had no earache but on a hunch I remembered my Flu in December and the DR prescribed a medication she called "Pearls" it read BENZONATATE on the Rx label.
I got up and I swallowed one down and went back to bed crashing in to the wall as I walked, rather staggered back to my room.

I slept well and in the morning was not really aware I was no longer staggering but I was very aware of my nose. I kept sniffing and using tissues then it occurred to me it has to be a decongestant what a relief it was.

DH got out of bed slowly, he told me he had to get up in the night way too often. DH has had Kidney stones and Lithotripsy so I called the Drs and asked them to do a urine analysis.
We went right over and he saw a Nurse Practitioner.
She was very thorough and decided it was not kidneys in her opinion it was an S. I. joint issue from his walking with a cane.

She also noticed he was due some blood work. I mentioned DH has been on some powerful medications from the surgery and since his liver enzymes were up I asked if she would order some blood drawn to check it out.
DH has an appointment with his Dr tomorrow so she can go over all the results at that time. The practitioner thought that was a good idea so DH had the blood drawn.

I got a phone call and my walking buddies wanted to walk with me and I said yes but they were in town eating lunch and wanted to walk at 1.30pm

It was 12 noon when we left the Drs office I asked DH if he would like a fish sandwich at McDonalds he always likes them so I drove over and asked if he wanted to take it home or eat in the car. After a short silence he said we will EAT IN!.

YES!! I was overjoyed he was happy riding around in the car but to walk in to a public place he did not want to do till today. I had a salad and DH had his Fish sandwich, Fries and an apple pie.

I took DH back to the house and then I went to meet my friends. We decided to walk the rail trail, we had not walked outdoors together in a long time because of the ice but there was no ice and we walked the usual 4 miles.
They are both older than I am so we were all very pleased we can still get it done after our long break. I had asked if my friends DH would visit with my DH and he did.

I drove my friend back to our house and we had company with tea and scones for the first time since before his surgery it was a really nice change of pace for us and it really helped DH because he was walking around like there was no surgery done. They kept telling him how surprised they were at his progress and he kept grinning like a Cheshire cat.

We had a good supper spinach and roast chicken, green beans and carrot soup.

I am over 10,000 steps and 4 miles walked just on the trail.
That makes me feel better. We are expecting a heavy snow fall this weekend so I have to be in shape for the snow blowing.
11,375 steps today -YES!!
I CAN DO THIS, thanks to Spark Exercises.
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