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Why am I sitting in silence?

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

One of those days where i keep intending to get up and do something, but something never happened, and instead, I've been sitting around doing nothing especially much. Worse thing is, having decided that I was eventually going to do something, I never thought to turn any music on, because I wouldn't hear the end of whatever album I decided to spin. So not only am I doing nothing, I'm doing it in a deafening silence. Well, if you don't count the clackety clack of the letter keys or the machine hum of my computer.

A bit sore today, as my early morning trek to play ultimate on Tuesday left me with a tweaked hammy. Actually, I'm not entirely sure what it was that twinged, as the annoyance is limited to the back and the inside of my upper thigh, and I haven't completely been able to parse out whether it's the semimembranous or the bicep femoris that's located in that area of the thigh. Probably didn't help matters all that much by wandering back to the gym later Tuesday for pickleball, though, honestly, I didn't hurt it any worse. Definitely felt it, as I half-assed my way though about an hour, avoiding stretching for any shots that might cause pain.

Afterwards, I stuck around a few minutes watching the volleyball game get going. Asked one of the participant while they were warming up about the intensity and skill level of the two games. One court had 6'2" people slamming down spikes, while the other looked more my speed. She mentioned that the Tuesday session wasn't great for beginners, which I more or less introduced myself as, but watching the more casual court, I feel like I would fit in just fine. This "intermediate" game didn't look particularly skilled, and I say that as someone who can only recall playing sand volleyball 2 or 3 times in the past 5 years, and no indoor volleyball since 2005. Overconfidence? Perhaps. Guess I'll find out whenever I do end up joining in on that form of fun.
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