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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

So many times in my life, trouble has come in waves like an avalanche that the good can seem like it only pops up on the radar once in a while. These last few weeks have been different. It seems like I got really "lucky" recently but in reality, what people call luck is really the result of preparation intersecting with opportunity. I have noticed that I always act on my hearts desire and I have desired starting some sort of weight loss support group and doing presentations for a very long time.

It seems like everything I have done has revolved around it in one form or another whether I realized it or not.

I have also wanted to write in the worst way because it has been a vehicle of expression for me and I have always seemed to have a talent for it. Now opportunities have arisen on both fronts and I couldn't be happier. I am going to be the architect of the entire program. I can put my creativity in to the presentations, multimedia, videos...everything... it is mine to make it what I want it to be. Once I get the first session designed, I will be presenting it to the manager and some trainers for critique as well as to give them as feel for where I am headed with this. So far, there is a high level of excitement and support and I know if I can create what I have envisioned, it will be a big hit.

In the last few weeks I went from struggling with night shift, SAD related depression to:

1) Having gained approval for teaching a weight loss seminar. If it takes off, it has the potential of being done in other locations as well.

2) Having a platform from which to start some running / training groups.

3) Being able to be a certified trainer and operate like one, not just on paper only.

4) Having an article published on a major endurance sports web site within the next 2 months- (will link to it once it comes out)

5) Living in an overwhelming environment of affirmation and validation of all that I have done so far and finally realizing that it means something. I can now take my struggles and use them to really help someone.

6) Gaining the upper hand on the depressive and anxiety issues that have kept me on a roller coaster. I'll do a separate blog on this since the solutions were totally med-free. So much of the issue was triggered by the constant disruption in the circadian rhythm due to the rotating schedule that I work. This is not opinion, this is fact. Working shift work without awareness in dealing with this issue is disaster. It took about 5 years of it but I finally crashed and burned and sought help... good for me!! I finally got smart.


It is good to live in a place of hope and anticipation.

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