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Week 6 - Hello 140's. It's Been 10 Years Since We Last Met

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What is your weight today? 149.8lbs

Did you lose, gain, or maintain? Down 0.4lbs

Why? What have you done well? I ate well over the weekend while we were traveling. Well it wasn’t perfect BUT it was much better. I’ve been working on not panicking and over snacking because I think I won’t have food to eat.
What could you have done better? Not eat my intolerance foods. DH and I went to Ruby Tuesday and I did great until DH ordered this Peanut Butter Dream Bar. I took a taste and then proceeded to eat probably almost ½ of it even though I said I wasn’t going to. I also haven’t been sticking to my 5 days of 1500 calories and 2 days of 1800 calories.

What changes will you make so that you can be more successful during the rest of this round? Stick to my calorie target that I set for myself. Also try to incorporate home workouts again. I know once my toddler starts going to daycare (april) that I will be hitting the gym at lunchtime instead of the evenings. Since both kids will be in daycare, I want the evening to be our time.

I’m in the 140’s. Just barely but I’ll take it. I think they last time I saw 140 something on the scale was 10 years ago. I’ve lost 40.2lbs since beginning my final journey (after baby#2). I remember when I first set up my SMART Goal, my original ultimate goal was to get down to 160lbs. Then reevaluate to see if I wanted to try for 150lbs and now I’m below that. As I stated before, I started to think about what I wanted my maintenance range to be. If I stopped at 150, then that range would be 150-155. Well that was us to high for me, so I decided to lower my goal weight to 145. This way my range would be 145-150lbs but I think that I want to make it 145-147lbs. I really don’t want to wait until I’ve gained 5lbs to sound the alarm to reign things back in.

My plan at this stage is to continue to try to increase my workout time and also increase the intensity. I have been slacking off and not exercising in my target heart rate zones because I have to push myself so hard to there. I guess this is where I have to ask myself how bad to I want it. I’ve turned the corner and now I can see the finish line. It’s within reach and I can’t throw in the towel now and just settle for this weight.
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