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The wolf was framed

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Well I have proof that that poor wolf in little red riding hood was framed. I mean think about it he was running from house to house now all this time everyone thought he was doing that to get to the little piggies and to destroy them and their property but thats just not right.
After much thought and evidence this is my theory that wolf was a middle aged wolf and he wasnt looking to destroy anything he huffed and puffed because he was learning how to run to shed that middle age stomach but instead of helping that poor wolf those little piggies ran away he needed oxygen and all they did was make him run so when he tried to get a deep breath well that house of straw just fell over it wasnt the wolfs faulth it was faulty building, then when he said little pig little pig let me in he was begging for a place to sit down so he could start breathing again but nooooooooooooo that damn pig made him keep running to the next house well instead of that piggy helping and letting that poor middle aged wolf sit down he to ran away which made the wolf want to keep up and he kept running now this is the worse case of young in shape little things making us poor middle age folks work to hard then we huff and puff just like that poor wolf and beleive me I know this from experieance
You see I walked into the gym yesterday to be met by barbie this cute young blonde said are you here to work out well being the wonderful lady I am I said nope I thought this was krispy kreme donut shop well barbie wasnt impressed with my humor and she wasnt impressed when I begged to take a break from the treadmill, or when I begged for a time out chair nope she was just like those piggys in the story she made me keep going until I was huffing and puffing and if anyone had a house of straw around beleive me I would have blown it away I was breathing so hard then just when I thought it was over she said the unbeleivable she said ok now that your done with the warm up we can get down to business OMG what was she thinking? I was doing all I could do breathing was impossible, walking was out of the question, and I think I have brain damage due to lack of oxygen. Then she said you still want a donut? OMG did she really think I would say no but looking back that would have been the right answer but me being me said do you have any around again she wasnt impressed by the time Barbie was done with me not only was I huffing and puffing, I had realized never ever be a smarty butt with barbie she is serious about her work and has no sense of humor .
Now that I know a middle aged person huffs and puffs and puffs and huffs I realized that the wolf in the story had to be middle aged he was learning how to run and exercise and those mean piggys framed him .
The moral of this story is this never ever think huffing and puffing wont work it will the work is hard but the results are great you will either shed the weight or you can blow someones house down either way its gonna be fun. Now if you remember the end of the story the wolf climbs to the roof and goes down the chimney right into the fire for me this was inspiration Im gonna climb the rock wall next week at the gym yes I may go into the fire I may get burned in the end but Im gonna climb that wall just the same If a middle aged wolf can do it so can I
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    well, this little Piggy is staying home and out of reach of those nasty Wofves and Dumb Barbies Dolls with skinny skins on at the GYM! Thsoe Barbie Dummies have no sense of humor let alone know how to be kind to any wolf or Piggy! I am no wolf but I know better to stay away from Barbie Dolls who think they know it all, and as for those wolves they go to such Gyms just to stalk both the Barbies and the skinny Piggies! Not interested in smelling any sweat or catching any Germs off the other piggies machines! lol Anyone who goes to a Gym whose over a certain amount in pounds or over age 45 needs to be reminded of such wicked skinnies there. Thansk for the reminder! Lol I loved the joke about it being a Donut shop! Its why many are there at the Gym.... working off those extra pounds they got from junk food! Even thsoe skinny minnies were fat I am sure at oen time! All go to the Gym to work off those Donuts! I will stick to my veggies! Thank you and stay away from Dens of angst and un-anger-ment training! Manya re angry theya re force to do the teadmill. I say give Barbie a donut she needs to be enticed! Offer her a candy bar palced in a skiny mini package! I would rather hang otu at a Donut shop where the real fun is .... watching and stalking the good looking guys if I want to see a male bod and no guilt for looking! lol You cant put the pounds on for looking! Do stay away from the Sicko Barbie dolls, they can ruin any image of healthy! lol susana
    1837 days ago
  • 2BEHEALTHY2014
    I love this!
    1839 days ago
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