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Day 466 - a lovely day for a walk

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I'm EXCITED! My BodyMedia FIT CORE came Monday via UPS! I didn't get a chance to get it charged and ready to go before going to work on Monday night so I did it yesterday before going to bed. By the time I got up in the evening it was all charged and rarin' ta go. I'm hoping that this is the push that I need to get to my goal weight. With the weight that I currently am at, the calorie count that I average (approximately1500 calories daily) and my current exercise & activity level, if I aim for 0.5lb loss per week then it will take me until early August to reach 132lb.

I took advantage of the special that SparkPeople is running and got a 15% discount on my FIT CORE system. The display unit is on backorder right now so I just have the armband but I got the system, display and a free Biggest Loser 30-Day Power X-Train DVD for a little over $118 (free shipping via UPS land). It comes with a 3-month free subscription and I opted to pay for a 2-year subscription but it would be really nice if it came with unlimited access to the program instead of having to subscribe and pay extra. Hopefully it's worth it!

In all reality, I have yet to lose 1/2# per week (consistently) so I'm not betting the farm on getting there by early August. I'd LOVE to get there before my son's graduation (late May) and I probably could if I didn't have anything to do besides focusing on exercising and eating ONLY healthy foods WITHIN my calorie range but WHO AM I TRYING TO KID . . . REALLY! I'm not going to do it all the time so I'm giving myself some wiggle room and trying to be realistic.

I did get a chance to get outside last night for some exercise. It was still 41 degrees at 7pm so I threw on a couple of light jackets, a headband and my gloves (COME ON!! MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, PEOPLE - on top of my regular clothes - not JUST the jackets, headband and gloves!) and went for a 2 mile walk through the neighborhood. It took me nearly 33 minutes to get it done but it felt SO GOOD! I'm hoping to get some running in later today or on Thursday. The snow melted pretty good yesterday and I think it's supposed to be in the upper 40's for both days. I am SO READY for spring!!!!
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