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Closet Overcome!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

THEY FIT!!! My next size jeans fit!! And I'd been to frightened to try them on. Now, it seems so silly that I wouldn't at least check them out!

I was in the closet looking for a pink sweater. My friends and I had decided that we were all going to wear something pink to our friend's Memorial Service. I walked in the closet not at all sure what to wear. I'm at the point of being between sizes ... these clothes are getting a bit loose and these clothes ... well, I don't know because I've been to scared to try them on.

What's that? I saw pink on a sweater shelf. A beautiful shade of pink. I didn't remember the sweater right away. I pulled it out. Ohhhhh! My Goodness! Perfect! It was always one of Susan's favorite sweaters whenever I wore it. It would be perfect to wear to her Memorial Service. A black skirt and jacket with that lovely dark pink sweater. It will be gorgeous!

So now, to the slacks. What fits and what doesn't? I worked up my courage and tried on my smallest jeans, prepared for them to stop at my knees. They came up over my thighs, over my hips. They buttoned. They zipped. I looked like a sausage, but they were on and they were fastened!! I was delighted! It will be a while before I can actually wear them, but at least I know where we stand.

I tried the next size up. Woohoo!!! They fit! Perfect fit! Now, that will help the wardrobe out! As the bigger clothes are retired, I have smaller clothes to cycle into the wardrobe. I'm so pleased that I finally tried on my old clothes!
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