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Self-love doing me!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

So, on this journey of self-love I figured Iíll invest in some entertainment this time around. Coming to Huntsville Alabama is one of my favorite male vocalists, Anthony Hamilton.

$85 isnít much for a ticket I donít think, but to drop $85 to sit in the front row is a big deal with me. I spend my money wisely, and since Iím loving me and going without my hubby, I might as well spend it however I like. I work hard, and Iíve earned this Motherís Day concert. Youíd think the man would pay for it, but heís not and Iím not sweating it at all.

Iím going to do me baby, and thatís the good thing about doing me. I do me guilt free now, and nothing is wrong with that.

Iím not going to just sit here and not do a damn thing with my life because of this weight. And oh, believe me I really put the bug in my ear that I need to get fine for Anthony Hamilton, but he loves some big bone women, so I might as well slow down with the weight loss. NOT! Iím still going to be thick and fabulous and Iím already picking out my outfit. Shoot! I might even be 15lbs down. Iím going to be 15 down! There is no might to it, and I do plan on looking hellaí good on this day. Iím so excited!

Who said I canít love me, spend money on me, and be proud of myself! I said all of that stuff years ago, but Iím taking it all back.

I got me nails done today and my eyebrows arched, and you think the man would have noticed, but he took that as. Iím going to play golf in the morning since you did something nice for yourself. The man is going to play golf regardless of what I do for me.

Shoot! I donít know who heís playing. Iím a full deck of cards, not some half deck, but all 52 cards are here Ėthank you very much.
I get the man and all the things he do. Just like. I get the fact that heís going to do him regardless of if I do me or not.

Iím just loving me and loving my swag and getting down with the get down and getting on with life.

One monkey as my mother would say donít stop no oneís show or flow, and I guess this one monkey isnít going to stop my show or my flow.

Yep! You heard right! I love me to the fullest.
-Rolls, skin, nappy hair, and all that is in between-

Love yourself to the fullest!
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