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Short Tuesday Run

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

As I get further into tax season, I'm feeling the effects of a full schedule. Today is Tuesday, a work at home day. Normally, this would mean a run at lunch. I had my doubts, because a couple of factors might add up to make me miss my run.

The bad foot has been grumbling softly. I could probably run on it, but it doesn't feel as good as I'd like. Maybe I need two days off after a long run?

I had an appointment on my work at home day to have my garage door opener replaced. They had another appointment before me. If they show up at noon, I need to be home instead of out running.

Missing a run today would mean only two runs this week, because there will be no time tomorrow and I want to keep Saturday as a non-running day before a long run on Sunday. Running on consecutive days Thursday-Friday doesn't seem very smart for the shape I'm in right now. Bummer, if it works out that way.

It turned out that the garage door people showed up at 10 and were done by 11. The lunch hour was free for running. But there's still that bad foot. I compromised, deciding to just run 5K and aim for an intermediate pace, taking care to be gentle with any adjustments for snow on the sidewalks. So that's what I did.

Run time weather was 27° F, S wind 8 mph, and cloudy with this morning's dusting of snow mostly blown off the sidewalks. The weak thigh gave a couple of twinges, but no more. The bad food grumbled softly. IN spite of that, it was a pleasant, if short, run. I ended up running to 23 minutes even, which Runkeeper reported as 3.10 miles, for an average pace of 7:25 per mile.

Reality was that the distance was a bit longer; lately Runkeeper is under reporting distance. I don't know whether that's from an over-aggressive algorithm to correct for the natural tendency of GPS to over report distance, or from poorer GPS quality due to clouds and layers of clothing over the iPhone in the winter. So far, it isn't a major problem. I'll count today as 3.10 miles.

I'm happy with the pace, given the road conditions and the condition of my legs after Sunday's long run. I'm delighted with how well my legs reacted after the run; I have hope that Thursday I can run 4.6 miles without worrying about having to run slow.

I *think* I'm making progress, but sometimes it's hard to tell. Just have to see how it goes day to day and week to week. Hence, this short blog to mark where I am today, so in a week or three I can look back and see how much progress I've made.
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